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A New Game Screenshots Thread
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kit89 Dec 6, 2021
Quoting: Chuckaluphagus
Quoting: kit89Been working on a wee game, thought I'd post my current progress.

Dungeon crawler?

Kind of, it's a co-op focused, slower-paced, top-down shooter with a sci-fi aesthetic of -what I am describing as- Neon Gothic. I wrote a dynamic ray-cast lighting system so I could get cool colour blends and shadow effects, the above image only shows white lights so not the best example. xD

You'll be traversing labyrinth environments (the dungeon aspect) trying to find the exit while killing enemies along the way.

The goal is to have it co-op focused where team co-ordination is key to survival, you can't see behind your character so you depend upon your teammates watching your back. It supports networking across the internet (with a bit of port-forwarding).

My current focus has been on creating a level-editor as writing the levels by hand was somewhat tedious! Here's a picture of the editor:

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Hamish Dec 22, 2021

If you don't get any presents this year it is because I shot him.
Koopacabras Dec 22, 2021
Odin wishes you a feastful Yule Xmas, enjoy having Eyescream Shakes and blood pudding, may the gods Freya and Disir have you on their thoughts.

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Hamish Dec 25, 2021
With the outdoor temperature having crashed it seemed like a good time to finish Heart of Winter.

Easiest dragon fight in any Infinity Engine game ever.
tx00100xt Jun 28, 2022
Serious Sam TFE Classic.

Serious Sam TFE Classic with XPLUS modification.

Source: Serious Sam linux port with support Vulkan

Serious Sam TFE Classic with Alpha Remake modification.

Source: Alpha Remake
coryrj19951 Jul 4, 2022
Been playing around with OpenGOAL for Jak 1. It's come a long way since I first heard about it! Using a dualshock 4 was just plug and play. I'm hoping for Jak 2 support!

Last edited by coryrj19951 on 4 July 2022 at 11:10 pm UTC
Free_gamer Jul 5, 2022
Finally having some time to play this now that finals are over. Still looks really good even though it's already 7 years old (time really flies by).
dvd Jul 6, 2022
Quoting: Free_gamerFinally having some time to play this now that finals are over. Still looks really good even though it's already 7 years old (time really flies by).
Congrats, also this one is a really fun game too.
Avehicle7887 Nov 29, 2023
Been a while since anything was posted here.

Tomb Raider 1 running in native Ultrawide 3440x1440 via TR1X engine, the glory days of playing a 3rd person game with just the keyboard

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