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Hamish Oct 2, 2013
Now that I am back in the game, here is my desktop for October:

Notice the Trine 2 wallpapers and my slightly updated Conky script. It is good to be using a real computer again. ^_^
Hamish Nov 2, 2013
And here comes November:

The background graphics are from the opening of Penumbra: Black Plague, which as I have mentioned before contains images that are very much suited for use as wallpapers. Considering the dumping of snow we are getting now it somehow seemed appropriate, as well as the fact I am still bashing my way through the full Penumbra: Collection which I recently purchased from Desura.

I also made some very slight changes to my Conky script and changed some of my desktop icons during the month interval.
Samsai Nov 3, 2013
I'll join this thread with my simple Xfce 4 desktop setup:

You can probably guess what game I've gotten to work through Wine. ;)
The wallpaper gets chosen from a short list of game-related backgrounds every time I login and I tend to add more to that list when I find games that I really like.

The panel on the bottom is set to auto-hide and it has my most used apps like video editors, SimpleScreenRecorder, Audacity and Steam in addition to trash bin and a network monitor.

Nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done very nicely.
Half-Shot Nov 8, 2013
I feel bad for having (and preordering the game) a PS4 title in the background, but i still just love Rathchet and Clank too damn much.

Got my standard Gnome3 Setup. The wallpaper actually changes every 15 minutes to keep things fresh. Also i have a few handy utilities up in the right corner included a upload screenshot to imgur button :).
eldersnake Dec 22, 2013
Here's my current Arch + Xfce (+ Kwin LOL) system, as of right now

Hamish Jan 11, 2014
A little late in coming, but here is my first desktop screenshot for the new year!

Both screens show artwork taken from Gaslamp Games, as I am still slogging through all of the expansion content for Dungeons of Dredmor at the moment. Both images come from small drawings used to illustrate their blog posts, often at the wrong aspect ratio for my screens, so it took a lot of fiddling in the GIMP to get them looking at all right. In the end, I had to selectively crop what I wanted out, scale the cropped image, apply a blur effect to make it look less artificially blown up, and then apply an oil paint filter to make it all look crisp again.

All else that remains to be said now is this - am I the only one noticing something a little strange about the Diggle adorning my primary monitor? ;)
Hamish Feb 3, 2014
And here comes February:

Nothing too special about the wallpapers, although the one on my second head is one that I previously encountered in 2007 when I switched to Linux full time and subsequently was never able to find again until recently, so that has a certain novelty to it at least.

Also note the Brütal Legend icon, showing that I am now finally getting around to playing some of my Humble Double Fine Bundle games; Xfdesktop apparently supports umlauts. :D
Liam Dawe Feb 4, 2014
Mines a rather boring (i like things simple!) Manjaro 64bit dual screen setup now:
HadBabits Feb 4, 2014
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