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calfret commented on 27 January 2018 at 10:07 am UTC

Alright mis amigos, I am shopping for a decent HOTAS setup that will work with my Ubuntu MATE desktop. I first looked at Logitech but noticed all their products have a Windows requirement. Is there a HOTAS setup that works well in Linux? I'm gonna try and knock out some X Rebirth methinks.

pete910 commented on 5 February 2018 at 5:07 pm UTC

Only HOTAS I can say works on linux is the Thrustmaster Warthog! Detected fine and all works out of the box.

Down side is the X series like a lot of other games will not detect the throttle as the stick and throttle are separate inputs

I've had to use a program/kernel module called unijoy as to map the inputs into one , It's a bit like vjoy


calfret commented on 7 February 2018 at 11:39 am UTC

Thanks, Pete! The Warthog is a little pricey for right now though I think. I may end up getting it down the road. I have been budgeting my computer so that I can try and keep up with my friends and the games they play. After the HOTAS my next big drop is going to be on the Vive I think.

Since you use the Warthog, I assume you use some sort of rudder pedal as well? Which one?

pete910 commented on 7 February 2018 at 5:47 pm UTC

To be honest calfret, Dont go for the cheap HOTAS, you will regret it in the long run, go for a set that uses Hall sensors. Much better , T.16000M FCS is a good compromise for the price and uses hall sensors. Obviously not as featured as the warhog but 1/2 price

review here
View video on

calfret commented on 8 February 2018 at 1:54 am UTC

I wonder if that will fit on the Volair Sim chair I have ordered?

[]Volair Sim[/url]

What are your thoughts on the Logitech X-52? It is slightly more expensive than the Thrustmaster 16000.

pete910 commented on 8 February 2018 at 10:36 am UTC

No idea on x52, you would need to do some research , ask around on Elite dangerous/Star citizen forums. Lots of people there that have tried loads. One of the reasons I went with the warthog.

Regards chair, I presume you mean these volairsim your link is dead.

if it can fit either warthog or x52 + others I would have thought you were safe, best to check though

There's also VKB too but again depending on what you want, costly can also be a wait for them too
here's a review on one of there sticks.

Schattenspiegel commented on 8 February 2018 at 10:09 pm UTC

I would recommend the Thrustmaster Hotas as well. The t.160000m FCS Hotas has the same sensors as it's big brothers afaik + the handy rudder lever of the smaller Hotas X. It is a great setup for the price.
Never been a fan of the Saitek products that Logitech recently acquired.

Generally the only downside to using these sticks under Linux is the lack of the button remapping software. Good games provide these features themselves though. The X-series is a little sub standard in this regard, but X-Rebirth should work if I remember correctly. The earlier titles had problems with only accepting one stick (read: either stick or throttle - unless you manage to create a virtual device that merges both into one).

calfret commented on 13 February 2018 at 2:23 pm UTC

Thanks for the input guys. My Thrustmaster 16000 HOTAS came in this past weekend. I have never messed with anything like it before. Nor have I ever played X before. Both have been a joy.

After doing some research on the egosoft forums, it turns out that they recently updated the game (X Rebirth) to better support joysticks in general. As of patch 4.30 the game seems to recognize both the joystick as well as the throttle. I did not have to install unijoy or anything at all. Just plug and play functionality. X Rebirth allows for complete mapping using all buttons and axes on both peripherals within the game itself. These Egosoft guys have done a great job supporting their project as well as supporting Linux with their games. I can't wait until X4 comes out so I can throw some tux bucks at them!

Edit: Using Ubuntu Mate 16.04 with kernel 4.13.0-32

Now I just gotta figure out how to make triple displays works for gaming.

Patola commented on 4 May 2019 at 3:54 am UTC

Hi all. Sorry to necro an old thread, but well, I took the plunge and bought all at once a Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick, a Saitek X52 Pro Thruster and even a MFD F16 for a button panel. Yes, all that, it was actually a kit. And I want to use them on Linux games, specially X4: Foundations. I am struggling with unijoy at the moment, but I would greatly thank any advice on how to best use them altogether.

Schattenspiegel commented on 5 May 2019 at 10:18 pm UTC

Modern games should actually all be able to handle multiple input devices without a problem and offer in-game customization. If they do not it's probably best to poke the developers in a friendly manner for better support after all having multiple devices is standard in HOTAS territory and you normally may want to tweak sensitivity and curves to your liking as well.

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