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Linux(/Wine) games to get hooked on (coop/multiplayer)?
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nox 22 Feb, 2018

I was wondering if anyone has tips for great linux(+wine) games that would be great for someone who likes to get absorbed in 1/2 games rather than playing a bunch of games.
Main reason I'm asking is that I'm missing the standard mmo grind. Having something else to put time into would be lovely. Rust is pretty good for filling that gap, but sometimes it would be nice with something else too :)
Guppy 22 Feb, 2018
You could try life, it has amazing high res graphics - sure the plot line is a little obscure and the end game is just a massive grind, but there are nugget of pure joy every so often.

Warning: the above post may contain traces of "tongue in cheek" sarcasm.
nox 22 Feb, 2018
Hah, already tried it. Not at all worth it for me ;)
Xpander 22 Feb, 2018
Wine Games:
  • Warhammer Online (Return of Reckoning private server) - works decently well in wine

  • Guild Wars 2 - works good in wine

  • Fallen Earth - havn't checked it lately but it used to work amazingly well on linux

  • Neverwinter Online - last time i tried worked amazing in wine

Native Games:
  • Out of Reach - Unity Survival game, not huge amounts of content but about 30 hours probably

  • Hurtworld - Quite a bit rustlike game, has linux in beta, not advertised on the store

  • Don't Starve Togheter - Pretty fun Coop survival with some story also
razing32 22 Feb, 2018
I am playing Starbound with my friends.
The galaxy you get to explore is huge and the story is pretty nice too.

MMO wise the only thing i played recently (read 1-2 years ago) was Secret World. It supposedly works in wine but I had some graphical glitches , probably fixable by some tweaks.

If you like grind of all things ,try War Thunder (native) or World of Tanks (wine). Dear god do those tank games have grind.
Liam Dawe 22 Feb, 2018
What about a good old RPG with Divinity? Pretty sure that has decent co-op and will last you a while.
nox 22 Feb, 2018
Thank you so much all :) Seems like I'll have to give starbound a proper go!
Avehicle7887 22 Feb, 2018
I play Guild Wars 2 on a regular basis, it's full of content and getting the strongest gear is much easier than most MMOS. The base game is free so you don't have to spend anything. Even as a F2P player there's still lots of content to do. I see your system has a AMD Vega 56 GPU, with Wine-Gallium-Nine it will run great.
nox 22 Feb, 2018
Indeed, GW2 runs very well in gallium-nine. Might have to get back into that too.
Rhythagoras 22 Feb, 2018
Warframe is free to play and when last I checked... it rain fairly well with WINE.
stretch611 23 Feb, 2018
I used to play Neverwinter Online. (same engine as Star Trek Online as well.)

It worked quite well with WINE until a year ago when they dropped Win95 support and required DX10/11 (I forget which.)

I understand that it works again, but there has been a bug or too... and it now only works with low graphics settings. This unofficial board post mentions WINE 2.15 works.. I'm not sure what improvements if any the lastest version of WINE makes with the game.

The thing is, the endless grind has gotten so bad, I actually quit playing a few months before WINE stopped working. And I was a player from the first week of its release. I am an officer in a small but maxed rank guild; the guild head would love for me to come back to the game. I also have a significant personal in-game wealth with a bunch of max ranked enchantments and what was top gear from when I left (not top gear anymore though.)

I have yet to try again.

EDIT: I have been considering Shroud of the Avatar. It is a native linux MMO. However, it costs money to buy the game. $40US($20 during steam sales.) I'm afraid though that I would pay that money and still end up with endless grind... and they have a cash shop with IRL$ prices just as outrageous as FreePlay MMOs.
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