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Rust server Changelog. Updated 09.06.2018.
nox 1 Mar, 2018

Hello all,
I'll keep an updated list over planned and completed changes for the Rust server here.

Underline: Guaranteed to be done when wipe hits. Certain items might require some time on the new map to set up.
Wipe 01.03.2018, the blueprint experiment

  • Expanded default blueprints to make blueprint wipe a bit easier.

  • In-Game shop for blueprints and decorations. Currency will be gained from NPCs. (Looking into adding to barrels too).
    The thought behind this is to make the grind less RNG heavy. Really want those shiny work boots? You can now aim for the currency to buy them instead of hoping for RNG to be on your side.

    • Tier 1 and decorations opens on day one
    • Tier 2 opens one week later with higher tier blueprints
    • Tier 3 opens last with rare items and end-game gear.

  • More varied NPCs. Details to come.

    • Weaker scientists spawn next to road loot.
    • Special npcs spawn during night

  • Map will be set to HapisIsland. Lots of new monuments to explore. We'll go back to random seed next wipe, unless people really want to keep this.

  • Stack size changes, as requested by many

    • Stack Size for Metal Fragments (metal.fragments) to 1500.

    • Stack Size for Metal Ore (metal.ore) to 1500.
    • Stack Size for Stones (stones) to 1500
    • Stack Size for Wood (wood) to 1500.
    • Stack Size for High Quality Metal (metal.refined) to 150.
    • Stack Size for High Quality Metal Ore (hq.metal.ore) to 1500.

Note: Last minute changes will happen if problems occur.

A little note about last nights short outage:
QuoteThere was an issue observed further upstream with our primary carrier at this time which resulted in higher latency / packet loss.
We have switched some routing and planned for further capacity into our Docklands location via THN2.

nox 1 Mar, 2018

Post updated with some npcs info

nox 5 Apr, 2018


Server has now been updated and completely wiped. Blueprints are wiped since we've made the decision to keep the shop system. The shop system makes it easier to get the blueprints you want. :)

Some notable changes on the server config itself:

  • Some plugins are disabled until compatible with new game version

  • Scientists are enabled around loot piles.

  • Map is now a bit smaller to make more room for boat fun!

  • Bus system has been removed. Will be added if needed.

  • Upkeep cost has been significantly reduced

nox 3 May, 2018


The shop system will be gone for a bit as the new Compound monument should fill that gap.
Blueprints are kept.

We'll find a way for everyone to selectively wipe their own blueprints instead.

  • Most plugins should work as expected.
  • Upkeep cost adjusted, it's now a bit more expensive as the previous adjustment might have been a bit overkill.
  • Cars will be much rarer this wipe. People were depending too much on them.
  • Cars don't like being underwater.
  • /namecolor is available for trusted members.

nox 3 May, 2018

You can now selectively wipe your own blueprints with "/wipeme"

nox 3 May, 2018

Added hidden "black market" shop in the new Compound monument. Mainly decorations, but also other things missing from the old admin shops.

nox 8 Jun, 2018

New patch is here and the server has been updated!

The main change this wipe is:

  • Late into the wipe (say 1/2w remaining) you'll be able to claim a starter kit to make your short lived base quicker to build.

nox 10 Jun, 2018

Known issues and some fixes with the current patch:

  • Double input bug. Workaround: Use gnome-flashback or anything else that isn't Gnome.

  • Nvidia crash while loading. Workaround: Downgrade nvidia driver to 390.

  • Game doesn't start (Player.log: missing Workaround: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/USERNAME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Rust/ %command%

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