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Working around Ryzen CPU freezes
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Shmerl Mar 4, 2018
Still freezing with "low current idle". Testing now with "common current idle".
lucinos Mar 4, 2018
unrelated (?)

I had freezes on my signature laptop which is intel.
I had never the problem with kernel 4.9 which thankfully was lts so I kept using mostly this instead of the latest (because no freezes). Also never before that with any previous kernel. The problem started with kernel 4.10 and continued until 4.14. In some cases I would go for a few days without a freeze and that would trick me to believe that it was fixed but it was not. But now at last it seems to be fixed at some iteration of 4.14. It is more than two months that I have no freeze with latest kernel. I have used 4.14 and now 4.15 a lot without a single freeze. It is months now, not some days or even weeks so I am starting having quite confidence it is over.
Shmerl Mar 4, 2018
Yep, that's completely unrelated, since Ryzen freezes are AMD specific.
Shmerl Mar 4, 2018
I'm now also seeing a lot of these in dmesg:

[11225.078807] x86: Booting SMP configuration:
[11225.078808] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 1 APIC 0x1
[11225.081035] [Firmware Bug]: ACPI MWAIT C-state 0x0 not supported by HW (0x0)
[11225.081063]  cache: parent cpu1 should not be sleeping
[11225.081127] microcode: CPU1: patch_level=0x08001129
[11225.081213] CPU1 is up
[11225.081233] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 2 APIC 0x2

And so on for all 16 virtual cores.
Avehicle7887 Mar 4, 2018
Yesterday morning I updated my Bios to the latest which included Agesa to version 1000a and "Improve system performance" whatever it may mean. The freezes rarely happen to me so I'm not sure if it helped or not. I'm using Asus Prime B350M-A motherboard.
Shmerl Mar 7, 2018
That C-state 0x0 not supported by HW happens now always, so it's not related to my test above.

With Advanced > AMD CBS > Zen Common Options > Power Supply Idle Control set to "Common current idle" (instead of auto), I didn't get any freezes in a while, so I assume it's a valid workaround.

I noticed what changes after it's set in the firmware, using

When set to auto:

C6 State - Package - Enabled
C6 State - Core - Enabled

when set to Common current idle:

C6 State - Package - Disabled
C6 State - Core - Enabled

So apparently it disables package C6 state (while keeping core C6 state enabled)! Hopefully it can shed some light on what the problem is. I wonder if Ryzen 2 will be free of this issue.

What exactly is "package" in this context? Is it still part of CPU, or it's something on the motherboard?
Xpander Mar 7, 2018
Quoting: ShmerlWhat exactly is "package" in this context? Is it still part of CPU, or it's something on the motherboard?

i think its the whole die, not individual core.

seems i have this enabled:

C6 State - Package - Enabled
C6 State - Core - Enabled

still havent had that freeze bug, go figure then.
Shmerl Mar 7, 2018
Quoting: Xpanderstill havent had that freeze bug, go figure then.

You had it before and then it just stopped happening?
Xpander Mar 7, 2018
Quoting: Shmerl
Quoting: Xpanderstill havent had that freeze bug, go figure then.

You had it before and then is just stopped happening?

yeah i had it with kernel 4.14 some later versions like 4.14.10 or something (can't remember exactly) but it might have been issue with my RAM clocs also not kernel related or BIOS, cause i updated BIOS around same time i built kernel 4.15 and the problems dissapeared,i also took some tighter settings from RAM OC a bit more loose.
Avehicle7887 Mar 8, 2018
3 Days since my last report here, so far no freezes at all with the system running well over 10 hours daily. The only update I did was to the Bios. At max it happens maybe once a week, even before I updated the Bios, time will tell but I'm keeping an eye on it.
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