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Looking to Replace My FX-9590 With Ryzen
PublicNuisance commented on 19 April 2018 at 2:52 pm UTC

Outside of basic stuff all I do is game. It is the only heavy task I do with my PC. I have noticed for a while that not many Linux games use more than 4 cores and some use even less. This means that my FX-9590, which was holding it's own on Windows, doesn't do well on Linux. I am hoping to be able to go Ryzen soon but I doubt I will be able to afford a Ryzen 1600X that I want and will most likely have to settle for a Ryzen 1300X. It's tough to find benchmarks comparing the two on Linux. Any thoughts as to whether the 1300X would be a worthy upgrade for my FX-9590 ? On Windows benchmarks the 1300X doesn't really beat the FX-9590 in many games but those are also testing games that aren't on Linux so they don't really matter. I also know that new Ryzen chips are coming out but they are the 2600X and 2700X not really in the same price range as the 1300X.

Liam Dawe commented on 19 April 2018 at 6:00 pm UTC

Well mate, if even windows benchmarks tell you there's little difference, chances are it's just not worth it (especially with some Linux ports having a perf drop on top of that).

If you're going to upgrade anyway, save for another 2-3 months for a higher chip or buy second hand?

You have to think: do i want this to last a good while? If yes, patience my friend.

Personally, i tend to buy on interest free credit and pay it off monthly over a year. The only way I afford stuff

GustyGhost commented on 19 April 2018 at 7:55 pm UTC

liamdawePersonally, i tend to buy on interest free credit and pay it off monthly over a year. The only way I afford stuff

My strategy is to resell everything and I buy frequently enough that parts often sell for 60-80% of what I paid initially. So everything is effectively ~1/4 the cost. It is closer to renting than buying though. Do you hold on to all your old gear?

The_Aquabat commented on 19 April 2018 at 10:48 pm UTC

If I were you I would wait, most likely when Zen2 is out (2019) and the other new Intel architectures that are meltdown/spectre free, I think that ppl will start to sell all the hardware vulnerable to spectre/meltdown. For AMD the bug/failure it's not so bad anyways, (provided that the kernel mitigation does work). But intel I think will cannibalize their old hardware because they really screwed it up and they are already getting thousands of class action suits. So even if AMD doesn't cuts their prices, they will drop because Intel will.

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