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Sometimes not being logged in when using RSS article links
Lakorta 19 May, 2018

Sometimes, when visiting articles using the RSS feed ( I'm not logged into my account. I usually open a bunch of articles at once and I'm logged in for most of them but for some I am not. It doesn't always happen and I can't reproduce it by clicking on the link again (I'm usually logged in when I do that so it doesn't seem to be caused by any specific kind of articles). Refreshing the website automatically logs me in (like I am supposed to be).
Happened today with . Like I said, I can't reproduce it by following the RSS link again.
It's not much of a problem but I thought I should report it anyway.
It could also be a problem on my side since I'm using several browser add-ons including one to manage RSS subscriptions (don't think it is since the links aren't modified by it).
Firefox's Javascript debugger only gives a single error and I doubt that that is related: Source map error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: Source Map URL:

Further infos:

Spoiler, click me
User agent string: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0
Add-ons: Brief (an RSS manager), uBlock Origin (doesn't block anything on GamingOnLinux), uMatrix (only allows 1st party scripts (there usually aren't 3rd party ones anyway), forbids mixed content (http/https) and web workers, spoofs Referer header and spoofs noscript tags)

Edit: Forgot to mention that it only started to happen somewhat recently, maybe a week ago.

Liam Dawe 19 May, 2018

So, sometimes you click a link from the RSS and it shows you as not logged in? Is that it? Trying to parse that big block of text ;)

Lakorta 19 May, 2018

Yes, that's about it :D
I noticed that because I sometimes couldn't subscribe to an article's comment section.

Liam Dawe 19 May, 2018

Next time it happens, take a note of what all your privacy plugins are doing. There shouldn't be any issue and nothing in our error logs suggests anything on our end (our log is clean).

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