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Likes for the forum posts?
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Shmerl 6 Nov, 2018

Sometimes I want to add a "+1" / like to a forum post, but it's not available. Is it hard to add? It shouldn't be very different from the article comments.

s8as8a 6 Nov, 2018

For what it's worth, I would also like this.

Xpander 6 Nov, 2018

I would like to like your suggestion :)

Liam Dawe 6 Nov, 2018

Liam Dawe likes this.

Update: Likes now live for the main topic, working on the replies system.

Update #2: Likes now live for forum replies, no notifications yet, going to hook that up now.

Shmerl 6 Nov, 2018

Great, thanks!

Liam Dawe 7 Nov, 2018

Notifications taking longer than planned. Attempted to re-write they way they were done, but turned out to be quite a bit more work than would make sense. Gradually getting to it over today, I also want to hook up a setting to turn off like notifications at the same time.

Liam Dawe 7 Nov, 2018

Okay, like notifications for forum topics are live.

There's also a new setting in notification preferences, to mute all like notifications.

Next up: Hook up forum replies likes to the notifications system.

Do let me know if anything broke.

Liam Dawe 14 Nov, 2018

I did a DOH, it currently won't clear your forum topic like notification when clicked. Will hook that up tonight. Edit: This bit is done.

Had to do another thing on the forum today, replies likes notifications still to come.

Liam Dawe 17 Nov, 2018

Like notifications for replies on forum topics are now hooked up.

Ehvis 18 Nov, 2018

Weren't you supposed to take weekends off? :P

Liam Dawe 18 Nov, 2018

EhvisWeren't you supposed to take weekends off? :P
I'm the clone.

Edit: Jokes as ;), sometimes it's a little therapeutic to have one less thing to do in the code itself. Quite different to testing games and writing about them :)

I still need to hook up reply/quote notifications though, that's been a long time coming too sorry about that. Very hard to do all this plus work an actual content mostly by myself :)

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