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Import deck in Artifact
rkfg 3 December 2018 at 5:46 pm UTC

So it's more like a question. It's hard to find videos about deck building on Linux, everyone plays Call to Arms or vs bots so I don't know how to confirm this. I only have 4 friends playing it and none of them use Linux. The issue is described here, in a nutshell: my load deck dialog is empty. There have to be at least two preconstructed decks and a menu item to import a deck from clipboard (see a video here but there are none at all. Now, I'm not sure if it's a bug with my account or in the Linux version of the game. I tried it on 3 different PCs and the menu is empty everywhere. Please, if you have Artifact open Card collection — Load and tell me if you see the constructed decks (Red-Green Brawler and Blue-Black Control) as well as the grey items to import decks.

Thing is, I played the tutorial not quite as expected and it might have broken my account or other game logic. I played the first round on my home PC but it was pretty late and I decided to sleep after that. Then I played the second round on my work PC. That's when I've got the 10 packs and 5 tickets but no decks (I have the cards the decks consist of, it's just they don't appear in the list). Maybe this unusual way to play the tutorial broke the account initialization and I have some garbage sitting on Valve's servers preventing the menu from initializing or loading. So if it works for everyone but me, that's it. If it doesn't for everyone, must be a Linux-specific bug. Either way please check if you have time. Thanks.

rkfg 3 December 2018 at 7:16 pm UTC

Ohhh, thanks! That's what it is, I copied the full URL and now I see that item appears when I copy only the id. It's all good now I guess, still wondering why they didn't appear after the tutorial as planned.

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