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old game query
drazil-tembero commented on 14 January 2019 at 11:42 am UTC

A few years back, maybe a decade, their was an Open source (or at least freeware) game created (or in process) designed as a top down view 2d racer. The graphics and gameplay were fairly mediocre (from the fantasy whereby I am a programmer), It was probably somebodies first foray. Nevertheless, the soundtrack on the game was really awesome, I took it from the game folder and stored it with all my music tracks.

Recently my hard disk bust and throwing at the wall failed to resolve the problem, I am therefore down one game track musical score (entire life and brain also, but that is here nor there in regard to this query). I cannot remember even the name of the game looking through os game websites, the game may never have existed, it was all a dream. Nevertheless I will tell you some of the lyrics I have dreamed and hope that somebody has had the same dream and can tell me some details about the owner of it.

"I like to drive my car really fast, but every time I put the pedal to the metal I get flashed"

"Back in the 70's it didn't matter if you were colour blind, you could just jump red lights"

"My wife tries to tell me I'm insane, but I like to drive my car like I'm in the middle of a racing car game"

"She's doing her best to try to keep me alive, she's got this thing and *ahem* I think she's trying to teach me to drive"

Any help in locating this game or in particular the song would be greatly appreciated.


TobyGornow commented on 14 January 2019 at 9:18 pm UTC

I tried to search on Duckduck "obscure 2d top down driving game" and it gave me :

SWERVE an indie 2d top down racer with a pretty good nu-metal soundtrack, it was available on Yoyo games but not anymore.

Hope it helped.

EDIT : And if you need to download it

While searching for it, I stumble upon this, man that's good...

For all the death metal heads only, you're warned, Dimmu / Cradle tendencies.

Sorry for the off-topic.

drazil-tembero commented on 15 January 2019 at 8:13 am UTC

Ha yeah good music, that is if you enjoy hellraising, of course it was the particular tune I attempted to describe that I was interested. I was a rock/grunge genre song and it's filename/title was simply the motorcar song.

The game you have presented looks pretty snappy compared to this other game, swerve seems to be the middle ground between mine and 'Real Racing'. The trouble for me is, presumably, if it was not downloaded during it's brief existence upon the net, it is most probably lost for good. I have tried a few places I have ventured, Abandonia Reloaded, there was a GP motor race website that needs the exact website address to locate, ModDB is just to massive to pinpoint anything.

Does shouting work on the internet, "hey guy who made this game, you still about, have yu still got it?"

TobyGornow commented on 15 January 2019 at 6:58 pm UTC


I was sure I was spot on. Date, indie status, game genre... I feel you bro, I hate when it happens to me.

Try Yoyogames ( former Gamemaker ) it was at his peak in 2005~2010.

I wish I could help more, can you tell me more about this game. Was it more fantasy or reality ? Micro machine style or Real racing style ? Real ugly like a Falco game ? More GTA style with objectives or Gran turismo all about racing ? Do you have a name in mind that you thought was the right one ?

I have to thank you because while searching I found one of my favourite game soundtrack from my childhood : Quarantine

It's grunge, it's driving but it's 90's...

drazil-tembero commented on 15 January 2019 at 7:24 pm UTC

This ones is fairly similar graphically, but I think the sprites represented touring cars. It only had one course to drive as I believe it was in Alpha/Beta stage.

Thanks I'll have a look at Yoyogames, although it has a Gamemaker aesthetic, I seem to recall he had written it himself in C/C++, possibly he was unable to accost an artist.

14 commented on 15 January 2019 at 10:11 pm UTC

Your description doesn't match this game quite right, yet it reminded me of Rock 'n' Roll racing. I loved that SNES game when I was a child.

drazil-tembero commented on 16 January 2019 at 12:10 am UTC

I remember precise when I foud it now, I remember everything surrounding my encounter, including that which I had had for dinner that evening, of course that which I still do not remember is the name of the game. At the time New Star GP (2009) had just been released by Simon Reed, I wasn't interested in that but gained a hankering for a management GP racing game, at that time their were none.

TobyGornow commented on 16 January 2019 at 9:19 pm UTC

Tried various Mp3 search engines with no success, it brought me to various obscure mp3 tracks.

Tried a Sourceforge search for a top down racer made around 2010, nothing. Tried Github, nothing.

Man, I'm out of ideas.

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