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.NET, Wine Mono Wine and Proton
Thetargos commented on 16 April 2019 at 3:56 am UTC

Hi all!

Yes, this issue once more, I know it is such an annoyance to all of us.

How many times have we been blocked at getting X Y Z game running through Proton, only to be stumbled by the dreaded .NET framework not being correctly setup/installed in the prefix, and what's worse, is that usually this is for MINOR game functionality such as menus, or launchers and the like. Alas, some games rely more on the functionality provided by the framework than others.

I remember reading on Tweeter a while back that it was actually recommended (I think due to FAudio, or some such) to actually use Wine Mono on Wine instead of Windows' .NET and that supposedly it would supplant all the required functionality, especially with the more recent versions.

I have tried to use Wine Mono in order to get some games running, but with little to no success. Especially for those games that require .NET 4.6 (which we know how does it fare in 64-bit wine prefixes, such as the ones used in Proton). What does bug me, though is that in the downloads page for Wine Mono there are a number different versions to get, as you would have with MS .NET, but the question then is: "Do I have to get one specific version or should I get only the latest?" And that's as far as my experience and testing has gone so far.

What has your experience been in regards to substituting .NET with Mono, especially in the context of Proton and Wine gaming? I have been successful to run a few .NET apps, but nothing really fancy with Wine Mono or .NET, and not noticing any real difference.

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