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Trouble running Icewind Dale 2 GOG version
Jamesworkshop 6 May, 2019

I got the game running with Wine (18.2 mint linux) but the performance is unplayable, but then I had a thought about adding the game to steam since Proton seems to run fine even with something more technically demanding like Dawn of war: Dark Crusade.

After clicking Play in the steam library it takes a while, but eventually this message pops up.

An Assertion failed in ChDimm.cpp at line number 605
Programmer says: Unable to Open BIF:data\GUIfont.bif

I found a similar error through Google searching

It talks about the .ini file having the wrong locations under [Alias] but they all seem to be correct and if the .ini file was wrong I can't see any reason why the game would load with Wine Windows Program Loader only to throw up the above error when using steam.

The GUIfont.bif file itself is sitting right in the Data folder where it should be.

Any thoughts on the issue?

adamhm 6 May, 2019

Try GOGWrap, which can be found here.

./ -winearch=32 "setup_icewind_dale2_2.1.0.13.exe"

Once it's done the resulting wrapper will be in a directory named "Icewind Dale 2". Before trying to play, run and do this:

Advanced options... --> Advanced Wine options --> CSMT = disabled --> Apply changes

Then you can run to run the game's configuration tool and to play the game (you can also just run the and use that as a launcher). To skip the menu use the "play" argument, e.g. "./ play"

You can create shortcuts using those scripts too, either from the menu or from the command line - check the documentation for more info.

Also delete the file named "desktop" from the support directory to disable the forced virtual desktop if you want to let the game run full screen. Proton doesn't allow things to make display setting changes so it won't be able to change your desktop resolution or alter the display gamma/brightness.

I haven't tested it beyond starting a new game so other tweaks may also be needed (also I'm running Mint 19.1)

Jamesworkshop 6 May, 2019

Hi adamhm - thanks, that works fantastically, now it's running faster than the win10 machine that decided to get stuck in a failing automatic repair loop.

Very easy to follow, even for someone that has only just started using linux to do anything beyond just web browsing in the last 3 days.

Tried it out some more, I actually like being able to run old games like that windowed with a locked cursor, their is a slight perceivable flicker to the cursor but nothing too distracting.

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