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Python key remapping software quit working on upgrade
riusma commented on 24 May 2019 at 6:07 pm UTC

I don't think that it will help but seeing that it's Razer related have you looked at OpenRazer (Tartarus seems suported) and its related applications (I don't know if key remapping is available with them)?

Edit: sorry I don't think that any of the applications linked to OpenRazer is able to perform key remapping, and I'm under impression that it's not actually possible because of lack of support for such a feature in OpenRazer daemon (I may be wrong).

Edit(2): @TherinS, ok just see your comment on Github / Polychromatic... forget my post!

TherinS commented on 26 May 2019 at 1:49 am UTC


Thank you for the suggestion to check antimicro with my gameboards, but I found that the n52, Tartarus, and Logitech G13 models were not even detected by antimicro v2.23 and the n50 was partially detected. All 10 keyboard keys on the n50 activated and deactivated as expected in antimicro, along the throttle wheel, but the left and up on the D-pad would remain in an active state when triggered and down and right on the Dpad were not detected at all. There could be a case made for using antimicro with the n50 using only the 10 row keys, so that's a partial win.

Flight sticks may indeed work just fine and I do have an older Logitech one but its in the closet, due to me not having many games that require its use. If antimicro gained support for the Belkin/Razer gameboards I would definitely consider using the program but in its current compatibility it is not right for me.

Lets keep this up though!

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