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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
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mylka 2 Aug, 2019

did anyone try Shadow of the Tomb Raider with proton 4.11 and ACO mesa?
just 2 FPS less on Linux

The_Aquabat 5 Aug, 2019

I don't get this for me I get similar performance, ACO-like, but with AMDVLK, aco performance is nowhere near that, it's 10 fps less. I get 47 fps on medium settings with AMDVLK with ACO I get 35fps. Something must be wrong with my setup, I suspect that the problem is that I have a 4GB card and AMDVLK uses gpu memory in a smarter way.

mylka 5 Aug, 2019

yes it is very needy
you can see allocated 7GB. "memory used" was also higher during benchmark
and of course my 580 is faster, than your 570

YoRHa-2B 6 Aug, 2019

AMDVLK is almost 10% faster than RADV/ACO on my RX 480, and the same goes for Windows/D3D11.

Make sure you're also using the same anti-aliasing mode on both systems, and do note that Windows is (probably, depending on your hardware) slower in the CPU-bound bits.

The_Aquabat 6 Aug, 2019

Quoteand do note that Windows is (probably, depending on your hardware) slower in the CPU-bound bits.

are you saying that parts of this benchmark are cpu-bound? that's weird because I recently switched from a ryzen 1600 to a ryzen 2600 and it made 0 difference.

mylka 6 Aug, 2019

AA also was the same

The_Aquabat 7 Aug, 2019

Quoting: mylkaAA also was the same

HMM not sure, but to be completely fair, it was 1 fps higher so yes it made a difference.

Everything counts, right?

The_Aquabat 7 Aug, 2019

I had to recheck the settings twice to be completely sure!! woot:O



(this is AMDVLK I swear that the settings are the same)
uname -a
Linux linux-5wx 5.0.0-20-mfutex #21~18.04.1+1valve1+mfutex2-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 22 21:05:06 UTC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

AMDVLK is git from a couple of weeks ago, and proton is 4.11 standard default DXVK.

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 6 November 2019 at 10:50 am UTC

mylka 7 Aug, 2019

told you (and you got a way better CPU than i do)........ impressing and i wonder how feral will top that..... it makes absolutely no sense to wait anymore
sorry feral, but you took too long. the announcement was almost 1 year ago and still no release date

i wish phoronix would also test at least 1 card with windows each benchmark, so we have a comparison

The_Aquabat 7 Aug, 2019

maybe they are taking that long because they are optimizing every bit as much as they can, so they don't look like fools. I'm still waiting on Feral I like them too much, this is the Trial actually, that's why some of the graphics options are grayed out. I can wait I got a quite a number of games in my backlog.

mylka 7 Aug, 2019

Quoting: chancho_zombiethis is the Trial actually, that's why some of the graphics options are grayed out.

nope. it is greyed out because of the first line........ directx12 OFF. win7 does not have dx12 and for HDR you need a HDR monitor
also the linux version wont have some of this options, because feral only has a dx11-> vulkan layer. so no dx12 features for linux

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