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Anyone any joy with SteamVR and rx 5700xt?
stud68 1 Sep, 2019

Hi there!

Just built a new rig consisting of 3700x and rx 5700xt.
I install a fresh Arch. Got navi card to work with latest linux-mainline and last months amd-blobs and mesa-git.
Plays games superbly.

Okay I thought, so I went and treated myself even further and bought a Vive.
Installed SteamVR. Then when I try to launch it does one of two things.
It either freezes and crashes my system or launches into VrHome but with major graphics problems.
I have even tried the official amd driver. Same effect.

So my hope is someone out there has got passed this issue or do I have to wait for newer mesa?

stud68 15 Sep, 2019

6YV66-EBQWC-E5AMZ Porcupine

For anyone who doesnt have it.

The_Aquabat 16 Sep, 2019

no idea but thanks for the key!!

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