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Tags for Non-Gaming related articles.
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dubigrasu 19 Sep, 2019


Salvatoshow hard is it to not click on an article you don't want to read? I do it all the time with game articles that don't look like something I'm interested in at all.
OK, you're right. But then what's the point of having this tagging functionality at all?
I admit that I basically do exactly what you say, I never used tags for filtering out articles, but rather for searching.
Still, the setting "Do not show articles with any of these tags on the homepage:" is already there and in this particular case (non-gaming articles) I would personally use it. There's no harm for anyone else if that tag exists, is just an extra tag among the others (there's a lot of them, I dunno, maybe a hundred).

Edit: All of that provided if a suitable tag is found and indeed doesn't confuse the things even more (as Liam pointed out).

14 20 Sep, 2019

Sure, fair points. I don't think I'm using any of the tag filtering. The problem is I have exceptions. I'd like to filter out pixel games because there are so many that I am not interested in, but once a year or so, there is one I want. So, I don't filter them out.

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