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Steam partnership with Stadia?
1xok 12 Oct, 2019

Will there be a partnership between Steam and Stadia?

Here is what Andrey Doronichev (Director of Product for Stadia) replied to the question:

Quoting: Andrey DoronichevGreat question! My PR guy will kill me...we’re always evaluating our options to make Stadia a better place for the gamers :)

Some people say Google Stadia without Steam is doomed to fail:

I've been wondering for a long time why Valve is so committed to Proton (aka Wine), Vulkan and Linux.

I believe that people at Valve working on it out of enthusiasm. But in the end Valve finances it all. And they do that over a long period of time. I mean, it's really amazing when you think that not even 1% of users use Linux for gaming.

At the moment Proton is still in its infancy, I would say. But if Valve continues like this, it will be different in a few years' time. And it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt Proton for Stadia.

For the end user, it could work by connecting Steam to the Stadia account, whereupon you could play your Steam Library via Stadia. At least the games that run natively on Linux or reasonably on Proton.

I think that would help both Google and Valve. Besides the many wonderful little features that Steam offers, that would be a real killer feature. Especially since you could continue to play your games locally on your own PC. You would have a choice.

Perhaps Valve is also planning its own streaming service. But I think the necessary investments would overtax them. Only large corporations such as Google or Amazon can do this.

How do you feel about it? Would you like to use such a feature? Would that make Steam and Stadia more attractive to you?

Liam Dawe 12 Oct, 2019

Not going to happen, it would give Valve nothing. The only way Valve would go for it is if Google gave them an absolute shit ton of money. Even then, I doubt Valve would as it pulls people away from their own service where they're already expanding how streaming works with the upcoming beta. That was just a typical non-answer PR response to the question. People have read into it way too much.

PlayX 12 Oct, 2019

Maybe Valve is planing an own streaming program. steam link, linux, the ne online local coop thing, maybe this are all small steps that leads to a "Steam Stream" Product at the end.

1xok 12 Oct, 2019

Quoting: PlayXMaybe Valve is planing an own streaming program. steam link, linux, the ne online local coop thing, maybe this are all small steps that leads to a "Steam Stream" Product at the end.

Maybe, but then the question would be how they provide the necessary hardware worldwide. Google starts with Stadia in November. Amazon will also start its own service. Possibly Amazon will then also rent out capacities. Then Valve could do it like Netflix.

Quoting: Liam DaweNot going to happen, it would give Valve nothing.

That would give Valve the hardware to offer such a service at all. Without a business partner they would have to operate the necessary data centers themselves. And they could shut down half of them after Christmas. That doesn't scale unless you're Google or Amazon. Netflix also hosts its services at Amazon although Amazon is a direct competitor.

Stadia wouldn't take me away from Steam, quite the contrary. I would buy my games on Steam and pay my monthly fees to use Stadia. Two separate things.

I think it could may be a problem for Google, because why should you buy games there when you can play your Steam Libary over it?

PlayX 12 Oct, 2019

Or maybe they rethink the SteamBox.
A little tiny cube you can place anywhere in your home and then you can stream games from that to all your smart devices in- and outside your home (as long a support for steam link is there)

eldaking 13 Oct, 2019

I don't really think it makes much sense for either of them, though I could be wrong. From all we know, Stadia is trying to sell games and not their service. They might partner with Steam in some way, for example to allow crossplay or saves or something, but not in the sense of using Stadia for your entire Steam library.

My theory is new Steam Machines. They could make good use of Proton, Remote Play for phones, all their improvements to controllers, the VR stuff... frankly, even if it is not their main strategy I think having a Steam-branded gaming computer to sell with their other stuff is a no-brainer in the near future.

A second option, of course, is Valve's own game streaming service. Open a few datacenters, create a subscription to remotely play the games you already own on a trusty store. It just isn't my first guess because it is somehow even more ambitious.

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