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October update
Liam Dawe 20 October 2019 at 1:22 pm UTC

Hello all, every month now I will be posting a public summary of stuff done. This was previously only for supporters but now it's being done here in a dedicated section. This way people not on Patreon can still see it.

  • Article search and the view more by author pages (example of mine here now share the same style as the home page. They actually show the image and tagline, which should help people find what they're after.
  • The unsubscribe link for forum topics actually works now, woops. That was likely broken a for long time and no one noticed until recently, sorry.
  • If you had a user blocked on GamingOnLinux, it would have still sent you a notification if they quoted you and if you had email notifications turned on for a subscribed article/forum post it would have still sent an email. Both bugs were fixed!
  • You can now change your own GOL username on the User Control Panel, sorry it took so long.
  • The dedicated Crowdfunding Page expanded, tons of new items were added to it as promised last month. We're following a lot of in development items and listing tons of successful/failed projects for Linux. Still more to add too!
  • Upgraded to the latest version of CKEditor for our article editor, to help us write our articles.
  • Manually upgraded our article editor to allow HTML 5 video to support the "poster" tag, so we can show an image before you hit play instead of a black screen and possibly make use of this feature for more articles (instead of large annoying gifs).
  • Provided a direct fix for The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse on Steam, as the developer had trouble getting it to run. It now runs beautifully, Steam Overlay works and all. The developer was very happy with our help.

Massive apologies on the News Punch Podcast not returning! It will, soon. New microphone is ready (Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035), so the sound quality will be better than ever! Thanks to supporters for making such purchases possible. My voice has also now fully healed and returned after some issues recently, so I can actually record again.

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