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Rust servers that work okay with Linux (Proton)
g000h 23 October 2019 at 1:01 pm UTC

Letting you know that there are a number of servers where the security settings are tweaked, allowing Linux gamers to use Proton to play Rust, with minimal problems.

There is a community discussion on Steam, here, where working servers are being shared.

Here are a couple that I've been using:

Deadlock Vanilla:
Type this in the F1 console to connect to the server:
- This one is regular "vanilla" Rust, with no mods. I prefer this one.
- Recently started, so the population is currently low. Hopefully player numbers will grow.

DeadLock Dweebs:
Type this in the F1 console to connect to the server:
- This one is noob-friendly modified Rust (with zero building decay, short night-time, zero radiation effect, etc.)

I have played on both these servers, and Rust is running very well, using Proton. There are more servers and additional information on the Steam Community link I gave above.

g000h 28 November 2019 at 5:15 pm UTC

Further to this informational thread, here are two Steam Community Links where Linux-Enabled RUST servers can be found:

These servers run with tweaked security settings, so Linux players can use Proton to launch the Windows version of the RUST game. Note the requirement to connect to the server from the F1 console, once the game is running.


Aside from that, it was announced a few weeks ago that RUST is due to come to games consoles soon (PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE). This does partially clarify another reason why the Linux game client was dropped. Presumably, Facepunch wanted to add console builds of the game to their automated build process. This would add extra workload on their existing staff to get the new console versions of the game ready to ship and supported. Before the console releases, they had sufficient workload slack to handle a bit of Linux support. Now, they'll be very busy and their management decided to cut out the Linux version as a result. Of course, it wasn't reported to us like that.

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