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November Update
Liam Dawe commented on 3 November 2019 at 2:47 pm UTC

Hello everyone, another monthly roundup of things done recently.

Here's a few bits and pieces that were done since the last monthly update:

  • Upgraded the Wiki to a much more recent version.
  • Added an automatic note to the GOL Forum when a post is edited, just like comments have. Helps prevent confusion and trolling. Also fixed a bit of a grammar issue with the note.
  • Added an image comparison slider to GOL for screenshots, see it in action here.
  • You can now turn off GOL notifications for when you're quoted in a post. See the settings page. May you find your stay more peaceful if you want it
  • Our Monthly Statistics page will now tell you if your profile is set to not be included. Hopefully that will be a little extra help to prevent confusion.
  • User profiles on GOL now have a direct link to the Monthly Statistics page below the PC Info box to hopefully bring more attention to it.
  • A VR question was added to the Monthly Survey, update your profiles!
  • The Crowdfunding Page expanded some more! Even more projects are now listed, plus it will actually put you back to the top now when changing pages.
  • We teamed up with GOG and Walkabout for the Linux release of Wanderlust Travel Stories, to offer a 33% discount! (discount ended Nov 2). Really awesome to see developers reach out to us to arrange things like this, some extra validation of all the work we put in.
  • Articles will now once again have the game as a tag next to the genres, the tag can be clicked to go to a dedicated page about that game along with links to other articles about them. It may take us a quite a while to fill it all up though (manual process). Just an easier way for you to find info on games. An example can be seen here for CS:GO.
  • Game pages now have a link for logged in users to suggest tags if they wish, like the Free Games page has.
  • Articles posted since the last monthly update on October 17th: 109

We have plans to extend game pages to make them more useful. Including comments, ratings and so on. GOL is much more than a news site, we're a community and we have a huge database of games we're currently not doing enough with. That will change.

The Advanced Forum Search also had a minor overhaul:
  • When you search, it now tells you what forum the post was in with a link at the end
  • Added searching by username to the advanced search
  • Added an extra search option on the advanced search page to list topics by a specific user, without searching the title text to just list their topics
  • Added pagination as previously it was hard-coded to 30 items
  • Made it so you can only search forums your user is allowed to view...woops

Hopefully that might helping finding a specific interesting forum post or perhaps a helpful guide someone posted.

As a side effect of the forum search upgrade, I double checked the code for the article search page and found that the pagination was a bit broken. It would only ever return the first 50 titles, that was also fixed.

The News Punch roundup podcast also returned, finally! Episode 20 can be found here.

Final point: I'm looking for your feedback on what you think are some truly noteworthy events in the history of Linux gaming for our upcoming timeline page. Let me know any you think should be listed on it. Ps. Here's a tiny preview of the timeline (heavy W.I.P!!), lots to do on it to make it look better, just needed something basic to start adding to it.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 3 November 2019 at 8:51 pm UTC

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