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What does an expansion pass include?? is it time limited??
The_Aquabat 8 Nov, 2019

hi .

anyone knows what an expansion pass stands for?? for example the just cause 4 expansion pass

If I understand correctly, you get all the three big DLC's, but I don't understand if it is for a limited period of time?? or is it the three DLC's but forever??

never bought an expansion pass.

Just cause 4 runs quite well on proton no fiddling or tweaking needed it just works out of the box.

tuubi 8 Nov, 2019

The expansion pass is basically what other games might call a season pass. Usually they're just something you can buy with a game to get access to all (or most) of the DLC, and I've never seen one that was time limited in any way. The part in the description that says "Grants 7 days' early access to each of the three expansions upon their release" simply means that owners of this package got the DLC expansions earlier than they were available for purchase separately.

The_Aquabat 9 Nov, 2019

thanks for the answer tuubi!^_^

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