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Raspberry Pi 4 for replacing Steam Link?
slaapliedje 21 Jan

So I know there is now a new streaming app specifically for Raspberry Pi, but the questions I have are;
1) Does it work on the 4?
2) Will it work better if I have 4k screens (on both the Linux desktop box, and my TV)?
3) Is it more stable connection wise than say the Steam Link?

Now I know the Steam Link for some reason only has a 100MB ethernet Jack, and really, the wifi is faster. But that doesn't help when the Wifi connection is not great due to interference from so many other things. I actually ended up getting a switch for plugging in all the things in my bedroom because the Wifi has always been sketchy there.

But I tried my Steam Link last night for the first time since I upgraded my desktop monitors to 4k, and it filled with all sorts of issues (though surprisingly had an update install!) But there were issues with trying to smash 4k resolution into whatever the Link can push, plus issues with it only covering a quarter of the screen, even though I changed the desktop to 1920x1080.

So was thinking I should replace the Link with a RPi 4. Just wondering if anyone has tested that out yet.

mirv 21 Jan

I have tried the RPi3 (B+) as a steam link, and....well it kind of worked. Wasn't the most stable application on the planet, and there were several issues (not the least of which was resolution ratio problems - my desktop is 16:10, whereas the tv is 16:9).

Never tried a Steam Link though, so I have no baseline for comparison purposes. If you go with a Pi however, stick to ethernet rather than WiFi. WiFi can work ok...but more often than not the stability and lag is going to be an annoyance for gaming purposes.

slaapliedje 21 Jan

Yeah, I for sure was going to use Ethernet.
The ratio/resolution thing always seems to be an issue. I also have issues with Big Picture mode always going to my secondary monitor, so I end up turning that monitor off.

ive tested the RPI4, just not with steamlink

i used the default raspbian install and then heavily modified it

the RPI4 will get very hot, i added an aftermarket cooler to keep the temps very low

RPI4 is not "extremely fast" comparable to an atom 1.6ghz x86 dual core....

1gpbs ethernet and usb3.0 are also somewhat limited, not realistically full rated speeds

for ~~$100-120 you can freely enjoy testing a rpi4 for various things
just remembering how limited you are because it is an arm architecture.

as for 4K compatibility, there are some issues with 4k @60hz
i would recommend sticking to 1080p60 or even 1080p30
especially dual monitors.
more reading required (i only use 1 monitor at 1080p60)

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