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The curse of the missing Like button
Liam Dawe 9 Apr

Hello everyone!

One feature we have, is the ability to "Like" an article and a comment/forum post. It's entirely local to our website, built by us.

Sadly, a few privacy plugins have gone a bit militant and started blocking it based on the CSS class name. We've already spoken to Adblock Plus about the issue, they're likely not the only one affected as any using the same lists will be.

To try and get around it a little, we've begun more generic naming for it in our CSS to try and avoid it.

it happens also with Ublock Origin, I'm using palemoon browser which uses the old extensions API, maybe it's fixed in a newer webextension version.

(update: now it's seems fixed, thanks)

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 10 April 2020 at 12:08 am UTC

Phlebiac 10 Apr

Fixed for me now also, but I never had any ad blocker! Just the tracking protection in SeaMonkey (similar to Firefox).

Xpander 10 Apr

Just wanted to say that i don't have any issues with it..then noticed that i have ublock disabled for this page :)

Cyril 10 Apr

I might be using some bad list because the issue is still there on my side.
I'm using uBlock Origin and I have to deactivate the third option (the eye) to be able to see the Like button.

Liam Dawe 10 Apr

There should be zero problems disabling any privacy plugins from GOL :), we have no external services. Even YouTube videos in articles you need to have manually accepted to see them.

Cyril 11 Apr

Yeah I know, it's not a big deal. If I found the issue I'll tell you here.

Cyril 12 May

OK so, since today I don't have the Like button anymore, even if I disable completely uBlock Origin.

Liam Dawe 12 May

Quoting: CyrilOK so, since today I don't have the Like button anymore, even if I disable completely uBlock Origin.
Sorry, was a duff bit of JS code that caused it. Fixed.

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