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WIP ScummVM fork for Visual Novels (NovelVM)
monyarm 25 May

This is a project i started a little over a week ago (authough it's paused till the 30th, cause i have exams).

Mnoleg 25 May

Interesting, which games are you planning to support first?

monyarm 26 May

I'm currently working on the Persona series of games, i've implemented the texture formats (tmx and dds) and am currently working on the audio and archive formats. The modding community has already figured out most of the formats, and the games' scripts, so i'll be able to use their work, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Other than that, there are also alot of visual novels that have existing engine reimplementations, which I plan on using, like rlvm, libnpengine, anise, vilevn, onscripter, kirikiri, and others.

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