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Shadow Empire (Matrix/Siltherine). Can it run under WINE ?
Tchey 6 Jun


There is a game i want a lot... Shadow Empire, currently only on Matrix Games Store, but also Windows only.
It’s coming to Steam later maybe end 2020, so maybe Proton would do the job, maybe not...

Because of its very generic name, and its released date (this week), and language (my english is not good enough), i can’t find anything related to someone playing it on Linux.

Only one (failed) attempt is a friend, saying the fonts are too big and go out of borders, and game is extremely slow, or crash after starting a game.

So, maybe around here we have expert on running impossible games on Linux  ?
Via WINE, PlayOnLinux, Lutris...


I am curious about this game too. would appreciate any information on whether it can run via wine/proton before buying.

Tchey 13 Jun


So far, nothing found on internet, and the game is not running on Linux.
Any luck elsewhere ?

brunoqc 15 Jun

I was able to with some help:

Tchey 16 Jun

Thaaanks !

I am too able to run the game and so far all seems good and well.

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