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local multiplayer (co-op. / vs. ) game recommandation (GOG/ prefered)
Zyohise 30 Jul, 2020
Hello Linux Gamers! My first post here, I'm searching for some nice local multiplayer games which I can play from my couch with friends. I don't care if they are for 2, 4, 8, or more Player. But I really would prefer if they are on GOG or, because I don't like Steam so much, but if you know a really nice game which is only on Steam I will give that a look too.

local co-op games I like:
Neon Chrome
Broforce (really funny)
LEGO Star Wars
LEGO Indiana Jones

local vs. games I like:
Ultimate Chicken Horse (really funny)
Stick Fight: The Game (really funny)
Worms W.M.D
Mario Kart Wii

I like most Genres, so I'm open to all games.
At this moment there is midweek sale on, I've bought there already Streets of Rogue and some LEGO games, maybe you have some recommendations from that sale for me.
But the recommendations do not have to be on that sale, I will look at them anyway.

I look forward to your recommendations.
mcphail 30 Jul, 2020
The answer you are looking for is Streets of Rogue. Enjoy :)
eldaking 30 Jul, 2020
Overcooked is one of the best couch coop games. The Trine series is also quite good.

Not on sale right now, but Battleblock Theater and Pit People are also quite good (also coop).
Salvatos 31 Jul, 2020
Ultimate Chicken Horse is my go-to at the moment, but I also enjoy SpeedRunners when I can get at least 3 people. Seems to be Steam-only, unfortunately.

I don’t really have much else that has local multiplayer on PC, but if it’s any help you could peruse Steam’s list and see if anything that catches your eye is available on other stores :)
furaxhornyx 31 Jul, 2020
+1 for Overcooked series, they are great fun
Zyohise 31 Jul, 2020
Thanks for the recommendations! I bought Overcoocked and Trine 1 at the sale. I will try that next time I met some friends. Maybe I give a feedback.
@mcphail: Yes I think Streets of Rogoue will be the first game I will check then. :D
GustyGhost 8 Aug, 2020
Megabyte Punch is a worthy coop (or vs). I consider it to be the Smash Bros of the PC space.
Dennis_Payne 8 Aug, 2020
Assault Android Catcus+
Lenna's Inception
Nuclear Throne
(I have not played any of these couch co-op but they are supposed to support it I believe.)

My arcade machine has open source games Ostrich Riders, Alchemy Quest, Shippy 1984, and Mojotron (although a custom build).
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