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damarrin Oct 22, 2020
I see we're mostly talking about technical issues with games, not the games themselves. So, to try and change that...

Half-Life: Alyx

Took me quite a few months since we got the native version, I'd say about 20 hours in game time. I found it hard to start playing what with getting up from the chair and putting on the headset and usually having to redo the room setup, but once I did I played for hours.

It's the best gaming experience I've had in the last 10 years, if not more. It's so intense, sometimes downright scary, when you know that headcrab will jump on your face in 2 seconds if you don't kill it first. It's typical HL, with its very cool eastern European setting, even for me (Polish dude here) and something new around every corner. On the other hand, the journey is definitely more interesting than the destination, as the ending section is very brief, despite managing to interestingly change the rules, and the ending itself is decidedly low key with required knowledge from HL2 and its episodes to at all be able to understand what's going on.

I had to use the most comfortable settings (teleport movement and snap turning) to play, unfortunately any sort of smooth movement in VR makes me instantly nauseous - to the point that when there's a spot towards the end when you rise in an open area (there are elevator sections before, but they're mostly enclosed and the movement is not so pronounced) and it immediately provoked a tiny lurch in my stomach.

I had technical issues galore. My 980Ti is barely fit for VR, mostly because Nvidia doesn't have async reprojection in their driver, so there was horrible stutter to start with. I had to set the game's gfx settings to medium (it still looks amazing), reduce rendering res to 100%, refresh to 80Hz and enable legacy reprojection to get smooth movement, with stutter only appearing for brief periods during loadings. Interface windows often went empty, mostly annoying when I died and the only thing I could do was load a save (or quit the game) and the window was empty. Furiously pressing all buttons on the controllers would bring back the window contents (often for just a second before it disappeared again) and usually within a minute or so I was able to load the game. I had some graphical glitches during gameplay, too, with some pools of alien blood flickering and the wrong colour, plus a peculiar corrupted rectangle positioned somewhere outside the level appearing through walls in a couple of places.

Add to that problems with SteamVR, like the headset no longer working after system suspend and having to restart the computer to play again, and it's not an experience for the faint of heart.

Despite all that it's absolutely glorious and everyone should play it.

DrIggy Oct 23, 2020
I recently completed two short but sweet games: "The Story About my Uncle" and "The Lifeless Planet". They are both native and I finished them without any issues on ultra wide 3440x1440 monitor. Both games are sort of 3D platformer at its core but they have very strong and interesting atmosphere and story so I really enjoyed them both.

I also completed "The Fall" a 2D platformer/puzzle game with similar qualities.

I now started playing "Divinity: Original Sin Enchanted Edition" and after that I have these games on my TODO list:
Fallout: New Vegas
Metro: Last Light
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Wasteland 2
Ehvis 8 years Oct 23, 2020
Since I've mostly been on a massive Factorio megabase build, I haven't finished much over the past two months. The only exception is Beneath a Steel Sky, which I finished before starting with Beyond a Steel Sky.
Dennis_Payne Oct 23, 2020
I completed a couple of PS4 games. They were some of the free games given to PS Plus members that I've never gotten to trying. I did complete them using Chiaki but otherwise it has nothing to do with Linux.
damarrin Oct 23, 2020
Seers Isle

It's absolutely beautiful. The music is good and so are the characters.

The game unfortunately makes you restart from the very beginning every time you want to take a different path and you really need to draw a chart if you wish to follow every character's story. That last I actually enjoyed a lot as it turns out, it's been a while since I used a pen and notebook at length. You can also fast forward through dialogue so subsequent playthroughs take just an hour or so.

There are 8 endings so at least 8 playthroughs if you want them all, though I found the prerequisites for a few of them very random with little chance of stumbling on and I had to look up online for the last one. The endings don't differ much, even if the journey to get there can be quite varied, including some
Spoiler, click me
sexy time

I really wish the endings were longer and more varied, with perhaps a true end that can only be achieved once you do all the others, like some Japanese VNs tend to do. As it is, I'd say seeing 3-4 should be enough and getting all of them seriously dampened my enjoyment of the game.


Last edited by damarrin on 23 October 2020 at 8:04 pm UTC
stud68 Oct 23, 2020
Fable Anniversary

Finished it with the Good Ending. Didn't feel like doing anything evil this play through.

Also another run through Portal 2.
Defo in my Top 5 of all time greats. Cave Johnson is a Legend.
Mnoleg Oct 24, 2020
I stopped playing DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon about a year ago because the f$K!% goblins in level 23 drove me crazy, but after a long therapy I was able to resume and complete the game. I no longer live in shame and I'm in the ninth level of the Journey to Rooted Hold, but wubbas and slayers threaten my fragile sanity.
Hamish Oct 24, 2020
I actually keep a list of every game I have completed since I graduated High School:
whizse Oct 25, 2020
Quoting: HamishI actually keep a list of every game I have completed since I graduated High School:
Hey I do that too!

Not since high school, but going well back to 2014. Not going to post it online, because that's one embarrassingly long list...
damarrin Oct 25, 2020
My list goes back to 1998. At a certain point I started taking a picture of whatever I was playing on when I completed the game. Makes for fun reminiscing about places and hardware and furniture, etc.
Gooda Oct 25, 2020
Ah, 1998, that was a good one. The highlight - achieving 100% on Crash Bandicoot 2, that was tons of fun. :)

My list starts around 2007, although I think I could pinpoint month/year for pretty much every game I ever completed. Playing games is such an integral part of my life, 'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.' All those moments stay with me. Forever. :)

Quoting: whizsethat's one embarrassingly long list
Sadly, with so little time, my yearly lists of completed games are getting embarrassingly short. :(

Last edited by Gooda on 25 October 2020 at 10:36 pm UTC
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