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slembcke 27 Oct

I've been on a weird FPS kick this year. Haven't really played a lot of those in the last decade, but recently had the itch for senseless nonsense. I played through Halo 3 about the time that came out in the Master Chief collection, and that lead to playing Red Faction 1 & 3 of all games. Not exactly classics, but enjoyable timewasters that run fine under Proton. Over the weekend my wife and I (almost) beat Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and I also randomly decided to replay Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet since it was relatively short. Both of those have nice native versions.

Still need to finish my first play through of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's so good! ... but I've been playing it in like 1 hour increments since the Feral port came out. Gosh... That's got be like a year now? Last November?

@damarrin Ah, yes HL Alyx was fantastic! I've played it through twice now, once in Proton when it came out and a second time in the native version. I do VR work for a living and have been doing it from Linux for like a year now because... why not? The vrserver process definitely doesn't like it when you suspend, though I found simply quitting it before suspend fixes almost all of my non-Unity3D issues though.

kaiman 27 Oct

I've started my list retroactively, so I don't have a date for when exactly I finished each game. But here are the stats for year purchased (approx.) vs completed yes/no


The massive spike this year is mostly due to the BLM bundle from, but it seems I generally play more games now than back when. Though a lot of games I played in recent years are short indie titles, while as a kid or student those were mostly time consuming AAA games. (I still think I should not let my wife see that graph ;-))

Julius 27 Oct

Ugh, 2005/2006 must have been a difficult time for you? Edit: a wait, it is even missing some years. I guess some non-gamer time then ;)

I completed Diablo 1 (Via DevilutionX on a PineBookPro). Nice nostalgia trip after 20 years. Back in the day I 255 maxxed out my mage character ;)
Was a bit surprised how short the actual single-player campaign of Diablo1 is.

Last edited by Julius on 27 October 2020 at 11:23 pm UTC

kaiman 28 Oct

Quoting: JuliusUgh, 2005/2006 must have been a difficult time for you? Edit: a wait, it is even missing some years. I guess some non-gamer time then ;)
Yeah, so early 2000s I was quite occupied with writing my own game instead :-). But there's also a period where my gaming desktop was located on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean. So for about 15 months all I played was Oblivion on my employer issued laptop, probably at 640x480 and with low details.

And just maybe those years weren't particularly great for PC gaming anyway, or at least had few games I would have been interested in. My collection to date doesn't contain a single entry that originally released in either 2003 or 2004.

Julius 28 Oct

Yeah, wasn't the best time for gaming and since around that time I switch more or less full time to Linux I think I mostly played Unreal Tournament 2003/2004. Those had a really nice Linux port back in the day ;)

Props for actually making and releasing a game... my projects from that time barely got beyond the brainstorm phase :(

Last edited by Julius on 28 October 2020 at 9:05 pm UTC

TobyGornow 28 Oct

Just finished Leisure suit Larry : Wet dreams dry twice, not the best of the bunch but still enjoyable if you like the serie. Worked great with Proton 5.13.

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