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Gaming on Linux for Kids
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Quoting: HerrLangeHi, just wanted to start a discussion regarding Gaming on Linux for Kids.
I know there are the KDE and Gnome games collections but I want to discuss or find regarding high quality games that are a bit more advanced.

@HerrLange ...My advice would be to use RetroArch, with you as parent curating the emulated game roms..

sudo pacman -S retroarch
With Internet Archive <-- (psst.. this is where the good stuff is at..)

..aught to serve your purpose ;)

and, People need to keep in mind that below 13yo is against Valve/Steam T0S for Steam accounts.. So don't do that..


Last edited by Duck Hunt-Pr0 on 24 April 2021 at 11:36 pm UTC
HerrLange 1 May
Mine have now started playing Stardew Valley. They are insta-addicted in a positive manner. As a father/parent I‘m really surprised how well this is suited for kids if you think that kids should game on linux from time to time. You have to read, you have to calculate and count a bit. They have to concentrate longer and its not making them crazy cause of thrill and too much excitement. The monster in the mines are quite ok and still give a little thrill.

However the only thing I would criticize is that you have to „bribe“ people to become their friends. Real friendship does not work like this. That you have to mention, especially know with corona caused limited contacts to their real friends.
My kids are all grown now but when they were younger we use to stick to arcade (like Duck Hunt-Pr0 suggested) like games (for the kids that were into video games at all) until they hit a certain age (usually around 13ish) then they would make monitored accounts to play games online with their cousins and other kids we knew IRL. Around 16ish they would get into online games with strangers. It seemed strict but it's what my wife and I were comfortable with back then.

One of the best gaming moments I can recall for my 2 youngest was playing PAPO y YO with them. It's an adventure game with themes of family and childhood involved. Don't want to spoil it but it opened up a bunch of conversations about the content for weeks after ending it. Later on we went on to play To The Moon which had the same effect. This was around the time they came together in a Humble Bundle.

The games that stuck out as I recall were Epic Inventor (Wine), Minecraft/Minetest, Icy Tower (Wine), Teeworlds, Crayon Physics Deluxe, SuperTuxKart, Black & White (Wine), Super Street Fighter II (Emu), Fatal Fury Special (Emu), KOF 2002 (Emu), World of Padman, FlatOut, ReVolt (Wine) and HotWheels Beat That! (Wine)

As they got older they got into Doom (1993), Quake 3/Live and other LAN based stuff.
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