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Linux-Native Blood?
Serum 1 Jan
Hey dudes

I really want to play the FPS game Blood. I'm hoping to play a port that's Linux-native, though, so Blood: Fresh Supply on Steam would be out of the question... I know that there are source ports such as NBlood, or BloodCM.

My question is, what files do I need for these source ports? There's like 3 versions of Blood that I'm seeing. Fresh Supply, the DOS version, and "Blood: One Unit Whole Blood". Which one of these should I use for NBlood?

ageres 2 Jan
Quote1. Extract NBlood to a new directory
2. Copy the following files from Blood 1.21 to NBlood folder:

BLOOD000.DEM, ..., BLOOD003.DEM (optional)
CP01.MAP, ..., CP09.MAP (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CPART07.AR_ (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CPART15.AR_ (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CPBB01.MAP, ..., CPBB04.MAP (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CPSL.MAP (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CRYPTIC.INI (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CRYPTIC.SMK (optional, Cryptic Passage)
CRYPTIC.WAV (optional, Cryptic Passage)

3. Optionally, if you want to use CD audio tracks instead of MIDI, provide FLAC/OGG recordings in following format: bloodXX.flac/ogg, where XX is track number. Make sure to enable Redbook audio option in sound menu.
4. Optionally, if you want cutscenes and you have the original CD, copy the `movie` folder into NBlood's folder (the folder itself too).
Any version would be ok.

I prefer to not put addons files into the game's folder directly (moreover, some of them have the same names), but do the opposite and copy 'nblood' into them and launch with, like, 'exec ./nblood -ini CRYPTIC.INI'.

BTW, Fresh Supply works fine in Proton. Quicksaving takes too much time though, so I prefer NBlood.
Hamish 2 Jan
One Unit: Whole Blood is the final DOS release with all the expansions. That is what you want for the data, but it is now only sold as a bonus with Fresh Supply from unfortunately. A shame as when I bought it in 2015 it was as a Linux sale due to the DOSBox wrapper included.

As for ports both BloodGDX and NBlood are reasonably mature options with their own strengths and weaknesses. Both are arguably superior to Fresh Supply in several respects.

You can see them all compared here:

There is also Raze but I have no experience with it yet. It is a modified GZDoom with NBlood code.

Last edited by Hamish on 2 January 2021 at 7:22 pm UTC
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