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I quit my job to go Full Time Indie!
theweirdn8 13 Dec, 2013
Hello Linux gamers,
After seeing so many other posts similar to this I thought I should make my own thread about it. Yesterday I quit my job to go full time indie. Currently, my 1st game is being finished in C/C++, but I plan to complete many more projects using Game Maker in the near future. I wrote a blog post here.
Please read it and let me know what you think.
I look for your wisdom and support in this huge life endeavor.

1st big project already exports to Linux.
Liam Dawe 13 Dec, 2013
If you are going to do it full-time please don't use Game Maker, it's a useful tool for doing things like prototypes but if you want to be serious about Linux then use something like Unity or go full native code.

If you can't afford Unity I hear Construct 2 is a mighty good tool and advertises Linux Desktop exporting right on the front-page.
Hamish 14 Dec, 2013
I wish you luck, but I do hope you are taking a pragmatic approach to this. Even the most successful of indies took time to get to where they are today, and a lot simply do not make it at all. I do hope you have a conception of this as you face the challenges that lie ahead.
Speedster 15 Dec, 2013
Construct 2 is in use for Sword 'N Board and the Linux build for the demo worked fine, dev didn't have to do anything special, so like Liam said that could be worth looking into for inexpensive cross-platform engines.

What do you think your next project after Fields of Fresh might be?
theweirdn8 18 Dec, 2013
Currently I'm using my own C/C++ engine, so I may use that also for next game. 

If I were to make a RTS I would use Game-Maker, but the next project most likely will be a 2d hack-n-shoot type game.
damarrin 3 Mar
I wonder if it’s worked out for the op.
Hamish 3 Mar
Quoting: damarrinI wonder if it’s worked out for the op.
Given that the blog post is no longer online, maybe not?
FredO 5 Mar
That was more than 7 years ago... He probably released a couple of games already, made millions and is swinging in a hammock in the Bahamas somewhere right now, drinking a Piña Colada out of a Coconut.

Seriously though, did this person go on to write the Game Pencil Engine?

Last edited by FredO on 6 March 2021 at 1:40 pm UTC
theweirdn8 21 Mar
Was checking my email and saw this.

Sadly, I had to re-enter the work force, but happily I'm now a father and married.

I'm still working on Game Pencil Engine and it has evolved into a native cross-platform and cross-backend game engine.
damarrin 21 Mar
That's sad to hear, but congratulations on your other successes in life. :-)
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