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A late March update
Liam Dawe 1 Apr
Another month down, another update. Note: this was first posted on March 22 on our Patreon. A smaller update that usual as work has been focused directly on articles and speaking to developers, along with some personal issues.

Selective quoting improvements

Let me tell you a little story about why Chromium / Chrome sucks. I had to completely rewrite our selective quoting feature (highlight a comment or forum post on GOL, get an in-comment quote button), due to the way it handles text selection.

In Firefox, if you select text and then single click inside it, this correctly wipes it. In Chromium / Chrome, it visually wipes it but actually it's not until a second click that the selected text is actually wiped due to the way they handle it. I even wrote a fiddle to show it and a bug report but no doubt someone will annoyingly explain it away as intended behaviour even though it's completely bloody stupid.

6 hours of pulling hair later, our code handling text selection and selective quoting has been rewritten and it's better than ever so you can continue highlighting something specific in someone's post to easily quote just that bit - you can also now drag highlighted text which you couldn't before. Win. I need a very stiff drink.


- A broken link for a forum topic on GOL will now correctly give the browser a 404 as it should be doing.

- Forum post editing will now redirect to the edited post, which is the expected behaviour as it seems everywhere else does that and it makes sense really.

- For some (myself included) the anchor jump link to go directly to GOL article comments didn't work right on Firefox Android. This has been solved! Firefox Android apparently doesn't like hidden a element links as anchors so I had to remove that and switch it to a different HTML element. But rejoice! Now it will work correctly as you're jumping to the comments while reading GOL on the bus/train/toilet.

- Patreon now accepts Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars, feel free to switch over if that's your native currency as it will probably work out better for you! Details on currencies can be found here.

- New articles live since the last monthly update: 212
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