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Humble games on Steam wiki article
abelthorne 4 Feb, 2014

In the wiki, there is a page about the status of HIB games in Steam Linux. There are a few missing infos or they are not up to date. Is it ok to edit it or do you want to keep control of it and check infos?

I think these should be noted:
- Blocks That Matter, Botanicula, TRAUMA, Dustforce, LIMBO, Braid, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Gish, BIT.TRIP BEAT & BIT.TRIP RUNNER appear in the Steam database with signs of Linux support according to I know this is far from official (e.g. Botanicula has been there for monthes) so I'm not sure the info should be added, that's why I prefered to ask before editing the wiki...
- Indie Game The Movie is noted "it's a movie". So? It is treated on Steam as a game, it was in a HIB and there is currently a beta for the Linux version.
- Jamestown seems to be planned according to a tweet from one of the devs (november 28).
- The Binding of Isaac is not planned as far as I know (besides, the existing Linux port really sucks) but it might be noted that the remake (which won't use Flash) is planned on Linux.
- Trine has a link to an old post from the devs saying that they're not sure about it but you published an article recently about a big update coming.

Liam Dawe 4 Feb, 2014

Feel free to update it, the wiki is open for everyone to contribute :)

abelthorne 4 Feb, 2014

Ok. I've added infos. I'll check for games missing from the HB weekly as I think there are a few more planned on Linux.

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