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COD Mobile - Anyone got it working on Linux?
sJBs 7 Oct, 2021
My kids would like to run Call of Duty Mobile on the PC. I know there are a couple of windows emulators/simulators out there, but has someone managed to run COD Mobile on Linux, preferably mint or ubuntu? My home has been Microsoft free for the last 15 years, and I'm not going back to the dark side...

I was thinking to install Android in a Virtual Box for safety as it appears as if most of these are a bit shady... (Android x86 vs PrimeOS vs Phoenix OS vs Bliss)

Another seems to recommend Anbox link to run there directly in the Anbox container on Linux, but some reviews indicate that it won't work with games.

Also, this forum was also talking quite a bit regarding ChromeOS (https://www.neverware.com/), so that might be a better option for security if it will run CoD Mobile.

Another is to try and get the Windows emulator running via Wine, but that seems to be a recipe to install malware, and would really be my last choice. (Gameloop)
damarrin 7 Oct, 2021
Since your kids are obviously 17+, as that's the age rating for this game, shouldn’t they be able to sort out their gaming on their own by now?
sJBs 8 Oct, 2021
Although they could attempt this, I'm reluctant that they do, due to the vast amounts of malware associated with endeavors like this, which can compromise our whole home IT security. Obviously the easiest would be to install some flavour of windows and download one of the various emulators from some site... and yes it might even work. But our house has been Windows-free for more than 18 years, and would like to keep it that way and not downgrade.

Back to my original question.

The reason why I'm asking here is that this forum is specifically dealing with gaming on Linux.
It is just in this case running an Andriod game on Linux. Surely someone has managed to safely do it before?
scaine 8 Oct, 2021
I'm afraid that your original forum post already exhausted what I know of running Android apps on Linux. Hopefully someone has some experience around this and can help.

Quoting: damarrinSince your kids are obviously 17+, as that's the age rating for this game, shouldn’t they be able to sort out their gaming on their own by now?
...not an amazingly helpful response. I mean, my response wasn't very helpful either, but c'mon!
damarrin 8 Oct, 2021
Guilty as charged.
GustyGhost 8 Oct, 2021
Can they be swayed to something like ET: Legacy?
ridge 10 Oct, 2021
I never did get Anbox to work with an Android image above Android 7, but you might want to look into Waydroid, a similar solution just aiming to be a bit more efficient and supporting newer Android versions.

Full disclosure, I haven't been able to get it to work on my Nvidia system because they aren't supported yet, thus I can't speak for it, but it looks promising on paper and might be worth keeping an eye on.

To run ARM apps you'll need Houdini.


As a last resort, that emulator you're mentioning (Gameloop) is made by the company that also makes CoD Mobile, so.. hey -shrug-

Good luck!

Quoting: GustyGhostCan they be swayed to something like ET: Legacy?

This, a +1 from me, playing a bit of that and a lot of ET Quake Wars a lot lately :) Fantastic thrills.
ET:L got a major update recently too.

Last edited by ridge on 10 October 2021 at 2:15 am UTC
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