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Can Discord work on Nvidia + Wayland?
ridge 12 Oct
Long story made short, trying to run Discord (and other Electron apps) on Manjaro Testing + Plasma Wayland + GTX 1060, however all my Electron apps appear with blank window contents.

I have read the Electron section on the Arch Wiki's Wayland page, and applied the relevant config (~/.config/electron-flags.conf)
Saving this config and symlinking this file to older Electron versions makes "electron", "electron13" etc. GUIs appear correctly, which they previously did not without the config.

However, Discord, Signal and Tutanota do not draw correctly! Has anyone been able to fix this?

Signal, Discord and Tutanota open with blank window contents. Electron versions 15, 14 and 13 are open showing correct window contents.

I'd rather not use discord_arch_electron, as I can't get notification settings in Plasma to work correctly with it (notifications appear as notifications from Electron, and I can't configure them to my liking because "Electron" does not appear in the Plasma notifications apps list)

Thanks as always folks!
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JonnyBoss 14 Oct
Try to use:
$ discord --use-gl=desktop

I have no clue why, but it works for me
ridge 14 Oct
Quoting: JonnyBossTry to use:
$ discord --use-gl=desktop

I have no clue why, but it works for me


So it does! In fact, this works for ALL my Electron applications! You fixed EVERYTHING.

I have been searching. For so long. On so many websites. With so many search terms. And nobody has ever figured this out except you, bravo, THANK you!
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