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xhost error when entering distrobox ubuntu
robotBison Sep 26, 2022
Hello there,

I am a longtime dabbler in Linux as a very casual / intermediate user and have recently been attempting to set up a key remapper for my razer orbweaver keypad on the steam deck.

I previously had accomplished this by turning off read-only mode and installing pacaur package manager. I learned about distrobox here and have installed it using the instructions listed in this article but am running into the following issue when entering my ubuntu container:

I am hoping someone here with deeper understanding can help me figure out what's going on, I've added the linexhost +si:localuser:$USER to my .bashrc, and it doesn't seem to be working.

(deck@steamdeck ~)$ distrobox enter ubuntu-22-10 
Container ubuntu-22-10 is not running.
Starting container ubuntu-22-10
run this command to follow along:

 podman logs -f ubuntu-22-10

 Starting container...                           [ OK ]
 Installing basic packages...                    [ OK ]
 Setting up read-only mounts...                  [ OK ]
 Setting up read-write mounts...                 [ OK ]
 Setting up host's sockets integration...        [ OK ]
 Integrating host's themes, icons, fonts...      [ OK ]
 Setting up package manager exceptions...        [ OK ]
 Setting up dpkg exceptions...                   [ OK ]
 Setting up apt hooks...                         [ OK ]
 Setting up sudo...                              [ OK ]
 Setting up groups...                            [ OK ]
 Setting up users...                             [ OK ]
 Setting up groups...                            [ OK ]
 Setting up users...                             [ OK ]
 Executing init hooks...                         [ OK ]

Container Setup Complete!
bash: xhost: command not found
straws Nov 8, 2022
Were you able to find a solution to this? I am also getting this error.
Echelon427 Jan 12, 2023
I fixed this by installing
on your distro that was created. For instance, after entering your ubuntu distro with
Quotedistrobox enter ubuntu-22-10
, run
Quotesudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils
. The
Quotexhost +si:localuser:$USER
command that is in your
should now work whenever you enter your distro.
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