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LbreakoutHD hack - makes all the levels easy
foxanthony Jan 16, 2023
Lbreakout is, or can be, a nice relaxing game to play while listening to podcasts.

The problem is many of the levels are impossible, or nearly impossible, on any difficulty level.

Here's how I changed that:

I ran these commands in /usr/share/games/lbreakouthd/levels:

sudo sed -i 's/>/*/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/~/*/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/+/*/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/-/*/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/{/*/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/E/e/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/f/m/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/@/d/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/#/h/g' *
sudo sed -i 's/?/b/g' *

These commands change many of the maluses into bonuses and the unbreakable blocks into breakable ones.

Now I have 3420 EASY levels to play.

This could be made into a shell script or; I expect, for someone who understands sed better than I do, a single command.

This got me thinking that someone who really knows what they're doing, or wanted to learn shell scripting better, could make a script that programatically generates levels. Sounds like a fun project for the right person. You'd probably want to fork the game so it created levels on demand and deleted them after they were played and so eliminate lbreakout-data.

It's just an idea. I'd play it, as long as the Easy levels were actually easy.
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