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Random Stuttering acrost multiple games at unpredicatable times. Help diagnosing and fixing.
coWolves Feb 3, 2023
Linux Distribution: Linux Mint 20.3 (64 bit)
Desktop Environment: Cinnamon
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
GPU Driver Version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.6

Have you checked for system updates?: [No]
Steam System Log:

You can note your issue below here

I have a video showing the stuttering while playing Team Fortress 2:
(points in the video where stuttering occurs: [0:00],[1:23],[2:55],[4:00],[5:25])
(Also note, I am running TF2 in windowed mode so whenever the game freezes, my mouse exits the game.)

Note any particular steps to reproduce it below here

At random, sometimes every few days, every few weeks, usually once every few months; my computer starts stuttering while gaming.
The stuttering is UN-predictable, I never know when it's going to start happening, when it will stop, and which games will be affected. Sometimes TF2 is UN-playable due to the stuttering while Deep Rock Galactic only somewhat stutters. And other days DRG is completely UN-playable while TF2 dose not stutter at all. (The stuttering doesn't usually last for more than a few days, and it usually only affects a few games at a time)

I really have no idea what is causing the stuttering, I have tried running hTop in terminal on my secondary monitor and glancing over at it whenever the stuttering occurs but I really don't know what I'm looking for. Neither the CPU or GPU are maxed out and bottle necked when the stuttering occurs, so if the hardware isn't getting maxed out then I'm really not sure what else could be causing the games to freeze up.

Any help on identifying the problem and fixing it would be greatly appreciated.
dpanter Feb 3, 2023
Start by upgrading your system, Mesa 21 and kernel 5.15 is rather old and not ideal for gaming.
g000h Feb 5, 2023
I'd run psensor in the background, and check to see if CPU or GPU overheating. You can get it to output a graph, and when the game stutters you can go check the graph to see if some temperature is maxxed out.
levellord Feb 6, 2023
This might sound weird, but do you have your headphones connected? I've noticed, since I bought new headset, if the USB dongle is present my audio will stutter and crackle when I change the device from headset to line out. If I unplug the dongle from the hub before boot or use headset after the boot, it will be just fine.

System specs are similar, see here: Pastebin Link

I am planning to re-install to Mint 21.1, hopefully this will get rid of the issue.
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