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Weekend Players' Club 6/9/23
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Grogan Jun 11
A game I'm playing right now, is Generation Zero. I've long since finished the game, and after about 130 hours I'm still finding stuff to do.

I find steam to be the best place to read about and look at images of games.

This game is wonderful. It takes place in Sweden (on a fictitious island off the mainland). The terrain and the roads and villages are wonderful. You can go in most houses and look for loot (though many are the same layout inside). The game goes from autumn colours to the beginnings of winter, depending on latitude.

The enemies are robot war machines. The Swedish government was developing this technology and an AI took it over and started automated production and directs them to kill all people. In response, NATO, in cooperation with Russia created their own war machines to combat these. The only problem is they want to kill you too lol

The combat in this game is tedious and dangerous, until you're high leveled and have the best gear (it's still tedious to fight boss-like "Rival" enemies but not as onerous. I've lost that, because I'm godly now, but this game actually made me feel FEAR. Hiding in houses, avoiding sensors, low on ammo, health, knowing that if they find me, I'm dead. (even hiding in a house, you'll still take damage from scorched earth mortars etc.)

I didn't think I was going like this game quite this much. Initially I only bought it because of the open world aspect. I generally don't like fighting mechs. My friend in our forum showed me screenshots and stuff and I said "ehh... why don't I have this game?" (I'd never heard of it).
Klaas Jun 11
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderHow was Lego City Undercover???
Fun, although the fighting is easier than in previous games (e.g. Lego Batman) – no one shoots at you ever (which makes everything easier). The game uses a simplified version of the Arkham fighting system (attack, evade, grapple) plus handcuffs which are an infinite use instant takedown of lying enemies. I don't think that I lost more than two hearts due to combat at all. I've failed to catch a criminal in the available time, fallen into the void and managed to fail a chase due to my car tipping over.

Unfortunately there were some crashes. The game only has autosaves like the other Lego games – during free play it saves after every unlock, but not during missions. I've had two crashes during missions and a few more during free play. After loading you always end up in front of the police station and you have to play the video-phone instructions (unskippable) again. Long cutscenes in missions are skippable, but some (mostly) short sequences are unskippable as well.

The humour is there as expected. “Checking missile safety systems… yes, the seatbelts work”

Quoting: PenglingTwo questions, I suppose: Firstly is that liveable, and secondly if it's not so liveable would you say that it's worth a look if it's in a sale?
I've not completed the game to 100%, but I've completed the main quest line. If I remember correctly, I had to look at some tips at least twice, since aimlessly moving through many pinball rooms from one end of the map to the other gets annoying.

I wish that the game would use more buttons: On a gamepad you have LR/RT for the flippers (and several gadgets), A for talking/tooting/use/
Spoiler, click me
, X for inventory and Y for map. The map has two magnification levels (on the SD screen, the largest magnification is slightly too small for comfort).

Since it has been given away for free at Epic, I would buy it on sale. The GOG summer sale should start very soon. It's definitely worth it for the pinball aspect. It has boss battles over several pinball rooms – some of them with four balls (main character is a beetle with a ball + three other characters). The rest of the game is either discovering things and fetch quests.
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