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EA WRC Rally tournament
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Koopacabras Dec 17, 2023
New championship will start on monday, haven't decided if it'll be WRC 2 class or 2007-2011 class.
whizse Dec 18, 2023
I shall give it a try. Just need to secure funding (get money to buy the game) from my sponsors (the spouse).
Koopacabras Dec 18, 2023
Ok new championship started 1997-2011 class, chose your car wisely because I think that some cars on this category are seriously different and some are slower.
I added two events from the new free update, central Europe and Scandia .

Last edited by Koopacabras on 18 December 2023 at 1:07 pm UTC
Xpander Dec 18, 2023
Italy Done. Was super fun.
If you get to the rythm on the sages, its super nice and flowing.

SS1: Clean
SS2-4: Couple of off-road adventures on each stage
whizse Dec 26, 2023
Finished Italy. It was bad. Really bad. It was equal amounts of fun though, and that's what counts!

Zero time to prepare in the holiday rush. All I did beforehand was confirm the game launches and detects the wheel.

To add insult to injury: First shakedown I had issued with audio cutting out. First I blamed the headphones. Nope. Then I blamed the game, nope, all system audio cuts out. Turns out there's some sort of bug on the audio output on the GPU, but only when a demanding game is running?

Second shakedown. Handbrake comes off. Middle of the night at this point. Didn't want to wake up family and relatives so instead of digging around for proper tools I had to fasten it using half a dozen zip ties. Sigh...

The actual driving was terrific. It's fun to get back to using a wheel (gamepad for the last year), and a lot of fun to (attempt) to compete with you guys!

I will have more time to prepare for CER. So less drama, but I doubt my result will be better :P
Xpander Dec 27, 2023
The game is already on a pretty sweet sale, so its now the time to get it for people who are interested.

Haven't had any audio issues with the game, but then again i just use my USB DAC. Haven't tried the GPU audio.
The only remaining annoying issue for me is the shaders still. While 1.4 patch fixed most of the shader stutters by pre-compiling them, seems they forgot to add the car damage shaders into the pre-compile list. As every time i run off or scratch a new car that i haven't driven yet i get few small stutters.

Other than a few visual and physics downgrades compared to DR2.0, the game is super fun and has loads of locations to drive in.
Xpander Dec 29, 2023
Central Europe Done

SS1-3: few spins on each stage, few grass adventures
SS4: Clean
Koopacabras Jan 22
Hey guys anyone still playing? I've tried playing Portugal but didnt do well. I can create a new tournament, if you want.
Koopacabras Jan 23
Ok I created a new tournament.. WRC2 class, have fun, best of lucks... this first event is 6 days long, starts today and finishes on monday 6AM!
I added quite a lot of snowy places!
whizse Jan 24
I'm not exactly troubling anyone with the times I'm setting, but it's still a lot of fun.

Looks like we picked up a new member to the club too!
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