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Steam Deck Trackpad configuration
hihu Nov 22, 2023
Hello everyone,

I'm a long term steam controller user (since 2015) and I'm a huge fan of this innovation using the trackpad for mouse input. I played for many thousand hours and I also played real ego shooters again, like Half Life 2 and so on.

Since I own a steam deck, I use right joystick for camera movement, as its obvious better than the joystick of the steam controller.

Now I wanted to give the trackpad of the steam deck a try with the GTA series Definitive Edition, because I played lots of GTA 5 with the steam controller and I'm used to it.

The configuration I did was:

"Trackpad as Joystick"
Increasing the "Minimum Joystick X and Y Output Value" until there is fluent movement, which seems to be at 7500 till 9500 (sweet spot)
Increased the "Enhance small Movement Precision" only a little bit between 3-9 (default value of 75 is way to high). When I turn it to high, I get stuttering in movement.
When I turn on "edge spin speed" I get also stuttering on the end of the left side of the trackpad but not on the right side.

Then I tried to use the gyro control, I used the same settings as "Trackpad as Joystick", but "Minimum Joystick X and Y Output Value" of 9000 is to much, it also stutters, I had to turn it down to about 7000.
Then I set the value of "Enhance small Movement Precision" to about 3.
I also reduced the "Gyro Output Scale" to 200 instead of 300.

Overall I left the ingame sensitivity as it was. With my steam controller I increased the ingame sensitivity to max.

So my question here:

Why can the "Minimum Joystick X and Y Output Value" vary by about 2000 points? and
Why does it stutter on the left side of the trackpad, when using the edge spin speed?

For me it's clear that the ingame sensitivity has to be turned down, as the steam decks trackpad are more sensitive that the steam controllers and also the "Enhance small movement precicion" makes sense in this context, but the both things above I cannot explain to myself.

Has somebody experience with configuring these trackpads
Thank you very much

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