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Spatial-Flux - A Pixel Art style Text Adventure set in Space

[url=]Spatial-Flux - A Pixel Art style Text Adventure[/url] set in Space is a new Kickstarter that I just couldn't hold off posting about.

Counter Strike 1.6, how to actually get playing

[img][/img] So you will all know by now [url=]Counter Strike 1.6[/url] is out for Linux while in beta of course there are lots of bugs, like actually getting into a server.

Tales of Maj'Eyal now on Desura!

[url=]Tales of Maj’Eyal (ToME)[/url] is a free, open source roguelike RPG, featuring tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building. You can purchase [url=]via Desura[/url] for extra features. [youtube]mKpYy-pwRfM[/youtube]

Waveform now available on Humble Store DRM-Free and Steam Key

[url=]Waveform[/url] can now be purchased by using the humble store widget to get DRM-Free access as well as a steam key! [youtube]D_xXz46-oAE[/youtube]

Windward development stopped and it's now free

Today some more bad news, [url=]Windward[/url] a promising looking Unity based MMORPG [url=]has been stopped[/url]. A game [url=]we showed you back in December[/url]. Trailer: [youtube]wJvE-iIB_-0[/youtube]

Interview with Jordan Brock of Hit the Sticks developers of Just Tactics

Today I present to you the interview with Jordan Brock of Hit the Sticks developers of [url=]Just Tactics[/url] (which we are doing a [url=]key give-away here[/url]!).

Rolling Survival a new Alpha Funded game on Desura

[b]UPDATED read the full post.[/b] [url=]Rolling Survival[/url] has just been unleashed on Desura under their Alpha Funding program! Rolling survival is a top down wave survival game with an upgrade tree. it really is as simple as that, you kill enemies to get experience and with that experience you can buy weapons, upgrades and additional health so that you can survive longer. [youtube]E2cYb0UALjY[/youtube]

Legend of Dungeon new gameplay preview

[url=]Legend of Dungeon[/url] is a soon to come is A 4 Player Co-op Rogue-Like-like Beat'em'up with Dynamic Lighting on AWESOME Pixel Art. The developer has release a new gameplay trailer, looks good! [youtube]NcKqkTxvy9Y[/youtube]

Serious Sam 3 gets a new beta release

[url=]Serious Sam 3[/url] the fast paced shooter now on Linux thanks to Steam has had a [url=]new beta release [/url]uploaded!

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters really close to their goal!

[url=]Akaneiro: Demon Hunters[/url] a game we have covered a few times that will now have Linux support without a stretch goal needs just another $50,000 in 4 days to get funded!

Help us continue to be awesome and send us some love!

Okay so that was an odd headline! We have only 4 days left of [url=]our hosting campaign[/url] to get you to help us cover the cost of hosting, please consider helping us out!

Nikki and the Robots is to be stopped due to low sales

[url=]Nikki and the Robots[/url] an indie platformer with cute graphics is going to be stopped due to low sales of the story Episodes.

ScrumbleShip 0.20 released the spaceship building game

[url=]ScrumbleShip[/url] - It's got voxels, heat simulation, kilometer long spaceships, real world materials, organic ships, and awesome music. Eventually, it's going to have AI crew, multiplayer, inertia, planets, and more.

Aeon command now 64bit native on Linux and my thoughts

[url=]Aeon Command[/url] a game [url=]we introduced to you before[/url] now has 32bit and 64bit builds available on Desura to fix problems for 64bit players, great news! Here are my thoughts on the game.

Terrestrial Domination needs your help, new free alpha version too!

[url=]Terrestrial Domination[/url] is needing [url=]$10,000 to finish on Kickstarter[/url] but the currently aren't moving very far which is a shame as we need more good RTS games! What's great is there is a free Alpha available which has just been updated! [youtube]zUFXcPqd1xw[/youtube]
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