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Scoregasm Christmas Sale

Charlie's Games is offering the bullet hell shmup for sale this festive season at the delightful reduction of 90% off, so that brings the price down to a christmassy [SIZE=3]$1. [FONT=Calibri]You'll get a copy of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux including a Steam key...

Hit Indie Title Chivalry Medieval Warfare Might Come To Linux!

Chivalry MW Linux!,
[url=][I][B]Chivalry: Medieval Warfare[/B][/I][/url] is a multiplayer action video game developed by Torn Banner Studios as their first commercial title. After a succesfull [url=]kickstarter campaign[/url], the game became [url=http://www...

We are on indiegogo!

Well there is a first time for everything while i appreciate the small amounts now and then we get from donators (thank you!) it's not enough to cover hosting costs. Our hosting is currently paid 100% until 12th Feb 2013 so we are all secure until then. Currently hosting costs are usually paid out of my own pocket...

Goodfolks released from creators of Family Farm

[url=]Good Folks[/url] is a new game from the developers of [url=]Family Farm[/url] and is available for Linux for $9.99. [youtube]KmNwh5gvVb0[/youtube] Will you accept the challenge of bringing an abandoned village back to life? Goodfolks are coming to this country looking for a nice place to live and work...

Twist indie game Linux support in next update!

Playing as [url=]Twist[/url], the government-funded groundbreaking nano-biological organic experiment you must accomplish the scientific evaluations set for you by government scientists. Your job will be to infiltrate organisations to gather intelligence...

GODUS god game funded for Linux!

[url=]GODUS[/url] is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android....and Linux! Linux was a stretch goal at £525,000 which thankfully the Kickstarter hit over the goal and ended at £526,563 and they had ~£14,000 from paypal as well...

Torque 3D for Linux

Hey all! I am a fellow Linux user in the field of game development. I recently came across [URL=""]Indiegogo[/URL] of Garage games for a port of their game engine Torque 3D to Ubuntu. Torque 3D is open source under the MIT license you can find it on [URL="https://github...

Steel Storm 2 crowdfunding kicked off

[IMG][/IMG] I proudly announce that Steel Storm 2 crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo has kicked off today! [url][/url]

BIT.TRIP Runner 2 will be on Linux!

[url=]BIT.TRIP Runner 2[/url] has been [url=]confirmed via twitter[/url] that it will be on Linux! So another game that's on Steam that will be on Linux! [IMG]

OpenMW v0.20.0 released!

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.20.0! Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our [url=]Launchpad PPA[/url]. Release packages for other platforms are available on our [url=https://code...

Steam Linux Beta now open to all! Plus other bits of Steam.

That's it folks, the closed beta is all over now for [url=]Steam[/url] anyone on Linux can install and play with it now which is awesome news. The Steam website actually has all the Linux bits on it now as well and it's quite prominent with a big Linux button on the main navigation bar! They have also updated "steam play" to have the Linux logo if the game is on Linux :)...

Steam updates...

[url=]Steam[/url] has recently had another client update! We've released a new Steam for Linux client. The client will update automatically but if you wish to force the update, click Check for Steam Client Updates..., from the top-level Steam menu...

Puzzle / rhythm game Micron released on Linux!

Micron, the puzzle / rhythm game from Apparition Games, is now available on Linux! Challenge yourself to solve 51 reflection based puzzles (plus 12 bonus puzzles) in which you create music just by playing the game. To commemorate this release, Micron is 33% off for a limited time! There's a free demo as well...

Humble Indie Bundle 7!

Well here it is and it's a good one too! [url=]Humble Indie Bundle 7[/url] is here! The only real problem I have with Humble is that still they are rushing things and still putting out games that just aren't polished enough. Games: [B]Binding of Isaac + DLC[/B] - A really really strange and kind of sickly twisted...

Legend of Grimrock dungeon crawler in the USC

This is awesome, [url=]Legend of Grimrock[/url] is now available via the Ubuntu Software Centre! The game is really awesome and plays much like the old Dungeon Master game (if anyone besides me remembers that!). It's a first person dungeon crawler where you control 4 prisoners trying to escape to get their freedom...
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