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I get it - open source is better!

So in the aftermath of my rather hastily put together article about [url=]Steam coming for Linux[/url], I thought I should balance it out. After the masses of comments (hey it was a lot for us here!) and chatting to Cheese, I have been educated! So, free and open source games are preferable yes but as we know they are not always an option, we won't be seeing the likes of Left For Dead 2 from Valve having any kind of source code release for example...

Carmageddon for Linux needs another 70 grand

The Kickstarter for [url=]Carmageddon: Reincarnation[/url] quickly reached the funding goal of $400 000. Unfortunately the bar for Linux and Mac ports of the game was set considerably higher, at $600 000...

Steam really is coming for Linux!

So I much like the next guy love to bash Phoronix for the over-hype and super idiocy of Michaels "reporting" but one thing he is not wrong about - Steam on Linux. So I will honestly hold my hands up and put my foot in my mouth on this one. Recently he published an email from a reader of his spouting again Steam is coming for Linux, well I would also like to today show you something of a reply I received from the man himself...

FTL Game video update

[url=]FTL Game[/url] which had an [url=]extremely successful kickstarter[/url] that is coming for Linux, Mac and Windows later this year has just had a pre-closed beta update video to show off some new stuff...

The Humble Indie Bundle V Reddit IAmA - A Summary

So earlier this evening, I offered to post a quick write-up with quotes of any Linux relevant stuff from the recent [url=]Humble Bundle developers' IAmA thread on Reddit[/url]...

Cheese talks to Frozenbyte

Cheese our local forum resident[url=] recently had a cha[/url]t with a couple people from [url=]Frozenbyte[/url] (Trine, Trine 2) and did an interview with them. [QUOTE] Lately, I've been corresponding with Joel Kinnunen, Vice President of Finnish independent game development company [url=http://www...

Auro on Kickstarter

[IMG][/IMG] From the developers who made 100 Rogues and Cardinal Quest (and others they call themselves [url=]Dinofarm Games[/url]) comes [url=http://www...

Humble Bundle number 13!

Update - It's out, the latest [url=]Humble Bundle[/url] is out, Indie bundle number 5! It's the 13th bundle to hit the internet. Looks to be one of the fastest selling ones too! Well over $500k already! [youtube]zwANFc7D1ac[/youtube] Some disappointment for you - Limbo isn't even native, it includes it's own version of Wine...

Tiny Cthulhu - The 3D Platform Game Which-Should-Not-Be....

Well here is an interesting little number which has popped up on my backlog of "oh my god I really need to set aside more time for articles" list. [IMG]

Overgrowth finally supports Linux

[url=]Overgrowth[/url] the sequel to [url=]Lugaru[/url] has with the latest Alpha 180 [url=]added support for Linux[/url]! This video shows the latest updates to the upcomming indie game; [youtube]D9Em6bRBXFc[/youtube] A game I have been keeping on my radar for sometime as it will easily be one of the best looking games available when it comes out...

Lodestar: Stygian Skies - back it now!

[IMG][/IMG]Indie game [url=]Lodestar: Stygian Skies[/url] is needing your help! Jason Taylor stopped by before to let us know about it ([url=http://www...

Gameolith games sale

Just a quick heads up [url=]Gameolith[/url] is currently having a sale on multiple games until the 1st of June. Be sure to head over to them to pick up a good deal! [url=""][/url]

Two Guys SpaceVenture

Another Kickstarter I've been bugged (just kidding I love being sent stuff keep them coming folks!) to bring attention to is [url=]Two Guys SpaceVenture[/url] by the creators of Space Quest...

Dirk Dashing 2 v0.9.1 is out!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye version 0.9.1! This update features a whole heap of enhancements, bug fixes and gameplay tweaks - and a [B]new public demo![/B] [CENTER][IMG]

Because We May (Indie Sale)

[youtube]biME-l9yo70[/youtube] 2d Boy has rounded up some indie game developers to sell their games at reduced rates between the dates May 24th and June 1st, with the following underlying message for it all. [QUOTE]We believe that [B]developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like[/B], without interference from the online stores that sell the games...
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