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Greedy Car Thieves New Release!

The awesome GTA inspired multi platform game [url=]Greedy Car Thieves[/url] have reached a new major release! [QUOTE] May-2011 is yet another freeware test version. You can download it completely for free, let us know about possible bugs and, what's most important, have lots of fun! The most important changes since February version include: [LIST] [*]server finder (just hit 'refresh' button to get list of currently available servers) [*]destroyable street lights [*]new GUI (Head-Up Display) [*]new, better sounds [*]new game types (Bombmatch, Race) [*]better blood and other animations [*]a few new vehicles [*]vehicles' names [*]improved physics [*]cute installer for Linux [*]each user keeps his/her own files in home dictionary (under Linux) [*]teammates' nicknames [*]many bugs fixes and improvements [/LIST] [/QUOTE] Installing: [QUOTE] [B]Notes about Linux version:[/B] Dependencies (debian/ubuntu package names): [LIST] [*]Nvidia-Cg-Toolkit (nvidia-cg-toolkit) [*]WxWidgets GTK 2...

Irukandji 2

Thanks to Brandon for letting us know that CharliesGames have released a test/preview of Irukandji 2. [youtube]wmlqWihvX6Q[/youtube] [QUOTE] Hi all, I’ve uploaded a little preview version of Irukandji 2 for you all to try. I’m super interested to know what you think, especially about the mouse controls...

News RSS Feed is back!

Okay everyone the news rss feed is back and in the same place: [url][/url] Sorry for it being down, needed to re-do it for the new site :) Next up - finding out how to auto post our news to the Gaming On Linux facebook page, that would be sweet!

Family Farm in Ubuntu Software Centre

[youtube]KjFBbrOOCy4[/youtube] Hammerware the makers of Family Farm have announced via Twitter that it is now available to purchase through the Ubuntu Software Centre. In this way, the Ubuntu Software Centre's number of commercial games available to purchase is gradually increasing...

Minecraft server downtime + Website revamp

Hi everyone sorry about our Minecraft server being down, multiplay finally decided to ditch windows if favour of FreeBSD for minecraft servers (Hoorah!) so maybe once the changeover is complete the server will be more stable! Sorry guys, more info if i get any...

OpenRA Release 20110511

[IMG][/IMG] The OpenRA team have just released their new build of their engine which allows you to play the old RedAlert games on modern hardware. [QUOTE]We have just unleased release-20110511, based on playtest-20110502-2...

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution released!

Episode 2 of the Steel Storm series has now been released! [QUOTE] Today, May 11th 2011, we are excited to announce the release of our new game, Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution!!! We can not find the words to describe our feelings. In the span of 3 years of part time development we have developed two games for Linux, Mac and Windows; Steel Storm™: Episode 1 and Steel Storm™: Burning Retribution...

Monster RPG 2 on sale!

Monster RPG 2 the fun old skool RPG is now on sale! Go on grab a bargain! [QUOTE] We're having a sale on Monster RPG 2 right now on most platforms it's available for. This includes the [url=]Mac App Store version[/url], and the generic Linux and Windows versions available [url=https://www...

Helena The 3rd update

Helena The 3rd has had another nice little update: Posted via twitter: [QUOTE]A new update v1.12!!. It adds only few more areas. But it does add an auto updater to the game and it should keep itself up to date :)[/QUOTE] Trailer [youtube]El4WQ5x9nEs[/youtube] Helena the 3rd is an action platforming game, combining first person shooting gameplay...

Dirk Dashing 2 Production Update

My Game Company have sent out their May 2011 Newsletter, written in it is a little snippet regarding Dirk Dashing 2 progress. [QUOTE] [FONT=Arial][B]Dirk Dashing 2 Production Update[/B][/FONT] [SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Jesse Hopkins has been officially hired to compose the music soundtrack for Dirk Dashing 2! We signed the contract last week...

FLARE 0.13 Released!

[QUOTE]Flare now supports quests! This release marks a major leap forward for the story-telling capability of the engine. NPC questgivers can send players on quests and give rewards on completion. Quests can also involve finding items, killing bosses, or exploring a map area...

Linux Game Publishing...are alive?

Eskild Hustvedt writes on the LGP blog: [QUOTE] So, we’ve been a bit too quiet lately. That’s partly my fault, and partly because we’ve been busy working on our next port. I’m pleased to inform you that we now have a working build of it in internal alpha testing, and we should open applications to the beta test “soon” (for sufficiently vague values of “soon”)...

Always Remember Me

[youtube]LdSSKcCQ1ro[/youtube] Winterwolves have released their game Always Remember Me. [U][B]Story:-[/B][/U] [QUOTE]Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember her anymore after a car accident! Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it's time to move on...

Monster Rpg 2 Full Linux Port

[youtube]M_nhkWKrRYc[/youtube] Trentg has posted to let us know that Monster RPG 2 is now compatible on other linux distros, and so is not exclusive to the Ubuntu Software Centre. It is priced at $2.99 and is available for digital download. [QUOTE]The generic Linux port is available now at [URL]http://www...

0 A.D. Alpha 5...not long now!

Wildfire Games upcoming epic RTS game 0 A.D. is approaching the next Alpha version! They recently posted a teaser video of what is to come: [youtube]c45-B397p-4[/youtube] [B]So what is to come?[/B] A new civilisation to play with! Random Maps! Selection groups (as in select a group, press ctrl+1 and it assigns them to group 1 - very useful) Many performance improvements [url=http://www...
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