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Impressive looking science fiction point and click game ENCODYA is now on Kickstarter

By Eike,
Encodya, the upcoming science fiction point and click with a free demo on, is now on Kickstarter.

Sci-fi point and click adventure "Encodya" now has a demo now freely available on

By Eike,
We've talked about Encodya before, a beautiful science fiction point and click in the making. The demo was given out to newsletter subscribers first, but as of today it is freely available to everybody on

Science Fiction point-and-click Encodya has a demo released, will go to Kickstarter

By Eike,
ENCODYA follows the adventures of the little orphan Tina and her big clumsy guardian robot SAM-53. The two are on a mission that could change forever the dark world they live in.

The Last Time - a big story told with big pixels

By Eike,
The Last Time is a short but good point and click adventure written by a single developer. It's also quite cheap.

Human Resource Machine has an open beta for Linux

By Eike,
Human Resource Machine, an indie programming puzzle game by the makers of Little Inferno and World of Goo, sharing their beautiful art style, is now in open public beta.

Unity Editor for Linux winter holiday update

By Eike,
Explicitly dedicated to our holiday season game making enjoyment, a new build of the Unity editor for Linux has been released. It is updated to Unity version 5.3.0f4.

Feral about AMD driver support

By Eike,
Reading through the Feral Interactive Facebook page, I stumbled upon this post, which is the most elaborate about the topic by Feral I know of about AMD support.

Back In The 70s With The Crookz, A Tactical Theft Game, Demo Available Now

By Eike,
The Crookz is styled all like the 70s. Hair is growing wild and the colours are, too. And I'm a 70s child, I was eager to try it. The demo is available now!

SteamVR Headset From HTC To Release Windows Only First

By Eike,
According to a renowned German PC games magazine,Gamestar, the SteamVR device HTC Vive is going to be released only for Windows in the beginning.

First-person Puzzler Parallax - Game No. 1000 On Steam For Linux

By Eike,
Last week we celebrated 1000 games on Steam for Linux. But as Liam says, quality is more important than quantity. So I took a look at game no. 1000: Parallax.

Verde Station, An Adventure Akin To Gone Home Is Coming For Linux

By Eike,
Verde Station is a strange game. It lets you wander through a space station. You're all on your own for a full year and just need to keep the station running. You can think of it as a sort of a solitude simulator.

What Can You Do For Linux Gaming?

By Eike,
An editorial talking about what you can do for Linux gaming. Including when to buy games, and what distribution to use to make sure you get support.

Game Demos For Linux, Thoughts & A List

By Eike,
While there used to be more game demos in the past of PC gaming, there aren't many developers left that do them. Some thoughts, and a link to a list of demos.
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