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Latest Comments by Glog78
Facepunch are no longer selling the Linux version of the survival game Rust (updated)
28 July 2018 at 9:43 am UTC Likes: 3

This is again a typical Garry. Sorry liam i totally disagree with you letting him go on with that.

a.) His tweet implies that he only gets treated "abusive, demanding, rude" by the linux community. I am sure he gets , he would get the same kind of mails if he would provide the same kind of quality for windows from the windows crowd (most likely even worse). Would he than write the same as a tweet towards his 99% player base?

b.) I am ok with their decision determined by their QA during game development. If you can't (? aren't willing to ?) test basic functionality (we are talking currently about loading a level) on a free os, than it is most likely better to not make your customer have a bad experience on the platform.

Btw thank you for providing the statement of the other dev. He seems to know how to communicate such decision properly. If you ever want liam you really should make an article about , why some dev's are loved by the linux community and praised -> flibit / ryan and many more and supported like hell and other dev's aren't. I am sure you will find out that all those dev's made mistakes already but there is a huge difference between how they handle linux and their mistakes in public.

So while asking the linux community to handle the dev's which support them the right way i would find it only fair to ask the dev's who want to provide linux ports the same and a expressed -> "i don't like this community , i can't handle them , i don't want to handle them , i don't want to be bothered with this os cause i don't earn enough money on it" isn't the best base to communicate with people from this community.

Intel launches their new CPUs with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics along with two new 'NUC' mini-pc models
9 January 2018 at 12:09 am UTC

Ok ... i think while the tweet is good -> this explains everything.
Also as far as i got it 2 flaws found are documented but they where talking about a 3rd which i didn't hear anything so far.
Last but not least, once you read this documents you will find that KTPI makes it harder to use meltdown as an attack but not impossible.

So a few thinks are on my mind:
- the highest actuall speed to read out the memory on meltdown is 500kb/s. Now calculate how long it would take to make a snapshot of your memory and how much this memory is changed during this progress. So even now i would say you need to much further improve this attack to be able to have a real usuable attack for attacking private pc's.
- For cloud and infrastructure this is a whole different story. If you attack them any information is valuable.

Also ... meltdown is mostly intel only but even on amd exists a attack which can use the architectual design of modern cpu's. So while not called meltdown there is something else.

So basically any modern cpu is probably affected and most cpu producers have already told they are affected by one or another attack. So conclusion -> out of order execution opens a whole bunch of attack vectors on modern cpu's. It's now time to work against it and once we see the different solutions we can decide who offers a good solution.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance may not come to Linux at all, more bad news
9 December 2016 at 9:47 pm UTC Likes: 1

I'm happy at this point that i only have left Bards Tale and Torment. I have trust in both companies. But yeah there is too much shady business going on. Sadly at one point kickstarter was an option to show that we want games and are willing to support the devs. Thanks to this shady business it's now a place we avoid even there are still some companies around which realy are behind their goals.

Owners of Armello on GOG can get a refund due to it not getting DLC and online features
12 September 2016 at 8:07 pm UTC Likes: 1

I don't get it ...
Q: The game was promised on kickstarter as DRM free and they devolped a DLC system relying on steam ? << Thats fucked up and should be asked ...

Dear Valve and Steam Machines OEMs, you have it all wrong
12 July 2016 at 12:38 am UTC Likes: 1

I like the article. I think a well defined hardware + the right games can make a difference.

Now lets head into what realy bothers me in the comment section.

AAA titles vs Indie Games

AAA titles are nothing short than productions with a huge development budget. They neither define what is good or what is bad. They can be hit or miss like any other game too.

Indie games ... you guess it they have useally only a very small development budget. They also neither define what is good or bad and they can be hit or miss too.

So what is more important is what "type" (for the lack of an other word) of game you want to play on your "console". If you are searching for the next big gfx over gameplay stumbled down to suit the masses AAA game .. go for it. If you want new ideas / fresh gameplay and don't bother gfx to much you will find so many nice games in the indie section that you will have troubles to play them all.

Since people don't bring up examples i'm going to do so for an okish priced steam machine

jump and run -> Super Meatboy / VVVVVV / They Bleed Pixels / Outland
cars or similar 3D -> GRID Autosport / Euro Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator / F1 2015
timekillers galore (building) -> Terraria / Minecraft / KSP / Factorio / Starbound ....
timekillers galore (rougelite) -> Rogue Legacy / The Binding of Isaac / FTL ....
Point & Click -> Deponia / Day of the Tentacle Remastred / Grim Fandango (and add all the GOG scummvm lineup) ..
timekillers galore (space get me) -> X-Series / The Last Federation / Stellaris
FPS -> Bioshock / Borderlands / Metro / Half Life Series ...
RPG's -> Pillars of Eternity / Baldurs Gate I + II Enhanced / Icewind Dale Enhanced / The Witcher 2 ...
Metroidvania -> Axiom Verge / Salt and Sanctuary / La Mulana / Cave Story+

and so much more ...

Of course we still need some areas covered better ... openworld rpg (FF XV maybe ...) and openworld action games.EA Sportscatalog or just simple things like an other table for the Pro Pinball Series.
I also wish we would have another action rpg series besides Torchlight with high production value (Diablo / Path of Exile) or the biggest one in the Ring Dark Souls Series.

But in the end saying Steam OS is haveing to few games feels just wrong. At this point patience is a good advice.

For me steam machines do have other problems:

While the steamcontroller is great not all mappings works the same on windows and linux and you not always find a working mapping for linux.
Streaming games to twitch or any other service like fucking all modern consoles do.
Spotify / Hulu / Netflix ... integration.
Reduced navigation overhead in Steam Big Picture.
Easier to use community functions.
Integrated skinning of steam big picture.

I repeat myself ... patiance ... what steam machines / steam os has done in so few years is probably more than we could ever hoped for. Maybe you guys should step one step back , compare the situation when we got 1 humble bundle every 3 months and what we get now.

Pro Pinball Ultra now available on SteamOS & Linux
1 July 2016 at 7:04 pm UTC

There is no question. The pro pinball series was and still is up to today one of the best pinball series on pc. 15 bucks might sound much but and maybe for some people who just want to play 1 round and put it away again it is. But everyone who likes to master a table and highscores go grab it. The pro pinball tables are so well designed with so much stuff to discover it's realy worth it.

After the praise -> it's early access and while the table itself the menus feel like early access. For example there are only 2 viewangels at the moment and you can't change them on the fly. I hope for the future of the product and i can't wait for them to release more tables from this series.

Bought -> played -> and fall in love again.

Titan Quest RPG could see a Linux version in future
20 June 2016 at 9:56 pm UTC

fscherrerI need it!
I've tried a lot to get it working on Wine, but always got problems with invisible bodies and unreadable texts.

If you are on nvidia you might want try:

I have finally found a way to sort out screen tearing on Nvidia with Linux
12 May 2016 at 9:13 pm UTC

Glog78Liam, one question?

why don't you use the following in your <xorg>.conf ?
Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { FroceFullCompositionPipeline = On } "
It requires you to not have to f-about with any xorg files. It means you can store it on a partition that doesn't get wiped between installs and have it right where you need it.

That, plus, as written in the article you need to re-do it when games change your resolution. Putting it in xorg will not solve that.

Hmm the above should automatically aply the ForceFullCompostionPipeline=On to any resolution which your xorg knows about. Strange overall ... maybe someone should describe and report that "need to reenabled" issue to nvidia (sounds to me like a bug).

And i was just curious overall.

I have finally found a way to sort out screen tearing on Nvidia with Linux
12 May 2016 at 8:52 pm UTC

Liam, one question?

why don't you use the following in your <xorg>.conf ?
Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { FroceFullCompositionPipeline = On } "

Gorky 17, another classic Topware published title now in beta for Linux, uses Wine
2 April 2016 at 12:11 am UTC

:Good for them they fixed the movie playback issue on the mac port , i hope they add it to their mac wrapper too.

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