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Latest Comments by rkfg
Steam Play versus Linux Version, a little performance comparison and more thoughts
19 January 2019 at 11:49 am UTC Likes: 2

So I did some minor editing to one of your videos, I guess it became a bit less confusing now?

EDIT: the alignment of "Steam Play/Linux" and the FPS counters is off and I'm too lazy to fix it, also the videos are slightly cropped (about 4 pixels) for sizes to match. And I added a low resolution background, couldn't find a high res picture, unfortunately. It's also possible to chromakey the FPS counters so only numbers are visible, I used that to make the background transparent but for whatever reason (probably a bug in KDEnlive) black chromakey also removes white labels. So I had to use "Color Selection" effect which removes only the selected color precisely.

Also, is it possible to embed a youtube video in a comment?

Unity have updated their Terms of Service and they seem a lot more fair
16 January 2019 at 4:39 pm UTC

eldakingAnyway, it is certainly an advancement on one front, but proprietary software is still a huge liability.

As for the other companies involved, you know what would be actually cool? If Epic, instead of opportunistically giving money for people to use their (equally proprietary) engine, open sourced Unreal to actually solve the issue. Or if Improbable partnered with Godot instead.
That's true. It seems that Godot lacks the publicity level the major engines have and also cool (if not AAA) games made on it. Open the main page. Can you see the showcase? Because that's usually what you'd want to see first though I can only talk for myself of course. The showcase should, well, showcase the engine so you'd know the game quality that can be achieved. For that the engine developers might want to pick the best looking games. So, I need to make two clicks to reach that page, it's in "Community" for some reason.

I skimmed through the showcase and unfortunately the Godot games are numerous but not very shiny, they're mostly 2D. Not that 2D is bad or anything but it doesn't look as exciting as another super cool action game with high res textures and bright bloom all over the place. The gameplay might be shit but it's not what people look for. They want to know if the engine is capable of producing high fidelity visuals (UE4 set the bar quite high and now when you hear about a new UE4 game you know it has to look great). On the main page Godot promises 'Gorgeous 3D' but there's nothing in the showcase to back that claim.

You might not even want or know how to create games but you'll remember that 'Godot = cool' and tell your friends that, and some of them might choose it for their first/next game. If the engine looks exciting it will be used more and then it would be able to compete with Unity, UE4 and CryEngine. Not just technologically but on the user base size level (which is even more important I think). Again, IMO.

Unity have updated their Terms of Service and they seem a lot more fair
16 January 2019 at 4:06 pm UTC Likes: 1

And that's why competition is so important. Unity and UE4 are so close that Epic's migration initiative could really harm Unity's business. So they pulled back and everyone won because of that (except maybe Epic).

NVIDIA to support VESA Adaptive Sync with 'G-SYNC Compatible' branding
7 January 2019 at 6:19 pm UTC

slaapliedjeFrom all I've seen, G-Sync works fine on both monitors, though I never got the 'gsync indicator' to work, it's been there long before the 4xx drivers though, contrary to the other person that said that.
Are you sure it works? What does the Graphics API Indicator say? I said it appeared in 4xx because a friend of mine tested 396.54 (IIRC) and there were no indicator options at all in nvidia-settings, and that's the last 3xx branch version.

The G-Sync indicator appears in the top right corner, it's a green label that says "G-SYNC" in a thin ugly (for my taste) font, nothing fancy like in the Windows driver. If it's not there (and the option in nvidia-settings is on) you probably don't have G-Sync enabled and only have the regular V-Sync.

dpanterTLDR: Multi-monitor G-Sync in Linux sucks goat nads. My next card will be AMD. Period.
Is Freesync better in this regard? I thought it's a display hardware or Xorg's limitation as it's all the same on Windows. But I haven't researched that.

NVIDIA to support VESA Adaptive Sync with 'G-SYNC Compatible' branding
7 January 2019 at 10:20 am UTC Likes: 2

G-Sync is indeed supported but there might be quirks. You have to make sure you have flipping enabled in nvidia-settings AND that it actually works. There's a visual API indicator added in the 4xx driver and it reports if the GPU 'FLIP's or 'BLIT's. Flipping is required for V-Sync and G-Sync, if you only have blit (the back buffer is copied to the screen) you won't have them. I didn't even know I have this issue as V-Sync has been always "broken" for me. Turned out, Awesome WM and NVIDIA's proprietary driver don't get together that well and for all of this to work I need to use -no-argb flag for Awesome.

You have to make sure the game window covers the whole Xorg screen or else you'll get no flipping. If there's even one pixel that doesn't belong to the same application, flipping turns off (and any syncing with it). That means if you have more than one monitor and the desktop is spanning across them you're likely left with blit only. On Windows there's an "exclusive fullscreen mode" and from what I heard it turns off other displays while the game is running and active. On Linux maybe compositing would help as it's essentially a big window that draws the actual windows inside of it so it can be flipped. YMMV as always.

I also have a very specific bug related to network namespaces (I doubt many people would hit it). Quite surprisingly, Arthur Huillet found me on IRC and we had a productive chat about this issue, I hope it will be fixed one day. For now I'm using that kernel hack I did.

Other than that G-Sync works great. No tearing, perfect response time, just what games should look like. The downside is its price (and of course being NVIDIA-only tech but that's not an issue for me), my monitor is about 1.75x more expensive than a freesync analog with similar specs.

More updates on Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation with Vulkan for Linux
6 January 2019 at 12:04 pm UTC

BrisseThis one surprised me a bit...

Quote1. Performance. Vulkan on linux (driver wise) is...not very mature.

...but perhaps this explains it...

QuoteNo idea. I’ll try to find to find out. I’m a total Linux novice myself. offence intended.
I read it as "our engine compiled and is working but not on par with the Windows version". They still need to tweak it to work better on Linux and that might be because of the driver behaving differently (not exactly worse). I'm sad anyway every time an abstraction leaks, in this case the driver/Vulkan abstraction. If you thinkg about it, most of the bad things in our world happen due to some interface not being sufficiently abstract from the implementation.

Epic Games have confirmed a Linux version of their store is not on the roadmap
30 December 2018 at 11:24 am UTC Likes: 4

An unlikely but still possible outcome of this might be the Linux share on Steam rising. I don't think many players would ditch Steam in favor of Epic's store but some of them might do. The only ones who can't do that are we, Linux gamers.

The impressive ATOM RPG is to leave Early Access on December 19th
18 December 2018 at 8:13 am UTC

Yeah, try it! Btw, the game's original Russian name is "Orderlies of Dungeons" and the planet is called not Alcatraz but "Seaman's Silence" (that's the name of a famous detention center in Moscow). Just to give a couple of translation discrepancy examples, and I'm pretty sure a lot of wordplay was also replaced with something more familiar to the western players. It's the same for me when I compare the Russian translation to the original in many games, it looks and sounds wrong, poor or funny.

Metro should be much better because it doesn't have this many culture references (primarily because not much of it left and people are focused on surviving), also it's a shooter, not an RPG and it doesn't have much humor if any at all.

The impressive ATOM RPG is to leave Early Access on December 19th
17 December 2018 at 7:55 pm UTC

rkfgReminds me of Wasteland 2 a lot (visually) and a bit of Planet Alcatraz (an old Win-only atmospheric and very Russian game so I wouldn't recommend it to non-natives even though it worked perfectly on Wine years ago). I'm very happy to see such a successful project from my fellow compatriots, especially after the big Insomnia letdown. These guys did a proper Early Access and it helped them to iron out the bugs before the release, that's how it should be. I'm not a fan of story-driven games going through Early Access because it's like getting spoilers so I'm grateful to those who helped to test the game. A sure buy on release for me.

Confused a bit about that statement.
I recall touching Planet Alcatraz a bit back in the day.
What makes it "very Russian" ? Poor translation ?
It has a huge amount of Russian culture code in it. The poor translation of course can't carry it well. The main prison theme (that's dear to many Russians as the whole country is like a bit relaxed Gulag), the jokes, stereotypical characters and folklore references, all is probably lost in translation. The Western players could be triggered by some casual (not bigoted) racism, sexism, homophobia etc. all of which is pretty common in Russia and treated with humor.

The graphics are dated of course but the ambient music should still be nice and the gameplay isn't bad at all.

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