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Latest Comments by nox
WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony is looking for AMD testers
22 May 2018 at 2:40 pm UTC

PublicNuisanceIf I can figure out how to compile it then I will test it.

Follow this:

Then build wolfendoom from their repo with ./

Then launch gzdoom with ./gzdoom "file made with ./"

WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony is looking for AMD testers
21 May 2018 at 2:43 pm UTC Likes: 4

NewbazoidThere's a snap for it, so you can download that. I'll try to test it too.
But the forum post straight out tells you that you have to compile gzdoom yourself?

"You will need to compile your own GZDoom build, since WolfenDoom uses features that are not available in GZDoom 3.3.2."

WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony is looking for AMD testers
21 May 2018 at 1:20 pm UTC Likes: 2

Awesome, I'll see if I get around to figuring how to compile it (or find instructions)

Mesa 18.1 is out with the shader cache on for Intel
20 May 2018 at 12:47 pm UTC

codythedragondudeit's getting better but theirs always going to be that one game that is just not working or devs can't get working due to a limitation of the driver

Thank you for the list

Now, which "limitations of the driver" are you referring to?

I'm sorry, but if you had stopped your sentence at "mesa is still not perfect" I would have let it be, but you clearly know of limitations that makes it hard to support mesa. As I lack technical knowledge about the inner workings of any driver I'm very interested in knowing exactly what limitation you are talking about

Just a little information though about mesa and compatibility: The bug reports I've followed in the past half a year has mostly been about game bugs, not driver bugs. In certain cases mesa could add workarounds.

Aragami works fine on Manjaro with mesa 18.0.4

Mesa 18.1 is out with the shader cache on for Intel
20 May 2018 at 12:11 pm UTC

pete910It refuses to work with mesa on anything other than Ubuntu for some weird reason
On Ubuntu 18.04 it's broken as well. They need to update their broken game, but I don't think that's likely.

codythedragondudeabout older games i was referring to games that were made before mesa was a viable driver alternative for linux ports
Again, which ones? I'd love to know which ones are broken or doesn't work well.

Mesa 18.1 is out with the shader cache on for Intel
20 May 2018 at 10:32 am UTC

BidinouBut what I still fail to grasp after decades of being an Nvidia fanboy is ; do mesa versions and drivers thus kernels versions have to be synchronized ? What happens when using a recent MESA with an old kernel and vice versa ?
They do not have to be synchronized to what I know

codythedragondudeDeus ex mankind divided
Alien isolation
Grid autosport
Middle earth shadow of mordor
I've played most of these, all of them with no issues. Alien isolation is the one I haven't played as it's just not my kind of game, so not sure about the status there.

I agree that feral should official support more, but all the examples you've given so far should work well with mesa on decent hardware (AMD). Intel is a bit of a different story as they simply don't have much when it comes to gaming hardware.

Mesa 18.1 is out with the shader cache on for Intel
20 May 2018 at 8:18 am UTC

codythedragondudestuff that came before feral started getting involved with the mesa driver remember their was a time when mesa was not even supported and games requirements were nvidia only

codythedragondudemesa is a life saver for intel and amd users however i still stand by what i always said older games are still going to run bad in mesa due to being mostly optimized for nvidia gpus

Olders games like...? The big titles started to come Linux since SteamOS born (and this is quite recent), so there aren't very old titles that I can think on (out of the ones that runs on wine).

I'm very interested in what specific feral games you are talking about. The oldest feral game that I own is Tomb Raider, which works flawlessly.

Note: There are a few games that are known to have issues on mesa, but those are exceptions and - to what I know - more often than not the cause of bad programming.

Mesa 18.1 is out with the shader cache on for Intel
19 May 2018 at 6:00 pm UTC Likes: 1

BidinouI very recently switched from Nvidia to Amd to get better desktop performance, so I'm a little clueless. Will I get those updates when using the edge and hwe packages under Ubuntu ? Is there a relevant ppa to add ? (kde neon)

I'm not sure about kde neon, but I'm on kubuntu myself. Using the padoka PPA has always given me up-to-date mesa with no issues

Myst 25th Anniversary Collection will not being seeing a Linux release for now
19 May 2018 at 2:46 pm UTC

QuoteI hate this kind of hypocricy :"Due to the large variety of Linux versions".

Oh yeah? Go F yourselves you worthless hacks who can't code a single hello world in c and you claim to be game makers... It is fine if you don't want to support the platform, but at least stop with the filthy excuses. There is no "large variety of Linux versions", there is only one Linux, the kernel. And you don't have to support every distro, as long as you support some common libraries. But you wouldn't know that because you never made the effort.

As i said in another comment recently, those devs don't care because they expect their indie-level games to be playable on WINE, thus they get to keep the money without providing official support. Everything else is just excuses.

By the way, Myst was overrated garbage even back in the day. People were mesmerized by the graphics, but the game was nothing special. So we don't miss anything anyway.

I also don't like seeing the "Due to the large variety of Linux versions...." bit either. It's not a true obstacle and never has been.

That being said, do what I did - use the 'Contact Me' on the Kistarter and write them a polite message explaining all they need to do and offically support is a single distro. I suggested Ubuntu. While I don't use it myself, it's a good base, many games are developed using it, and I've never had any issues getting a 'Ubuntu' game running on Manjaro.

Again - while this is a frustrating stance, being polite and well thought out in a message to them can go a long way and will have much better odds for changing their minds.


I agree with this, I guess I have to sign up for kickstarter now to send them a little message

Valve seem to be tightening their rules on games with sexual content
18 May 2018 at 8:10 pm UTC Likes: 1

tonRIt's parents duty to shield our children from explict contents. And it's weird when sexual contents being censored, but violence being 'promoted extensively'.

For me, the best 'parent lock' is when parents sit beside their children when they using any devices.

Indeed. That way you can also properly teach them stuff - not just keep them away from it.

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